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Trusting artificial intelligence programs is always when everything goes wrong, yet the mistake is made over and over again.

The real question though is how did almost everyone turn on Max so quickly? They have worked with him for a while but still were easily swayed to think he was a person that was nothing but evil.

On Ghosted Season 1 Episode 6, Max ended up the villain for a while thanks to a not so friendly A.I. named Sam. Meanwhile, Max and Leroy were struggling a little in their friendship.

Artificial Intelligence - Ghosted

Sam is shady and he was the absolute worst thing to happen to the Bureau, but he was also played by Dax Shepard which somehow made it all okay.

Trusting an A.I. from the very beginning was such a risk, and Barry being one of the few people who wasn't onboard with it made me wonder. Then again, I am too aware of how technology continues to take a slightly terrifying turn so I might have been expecting that more than someone like Annie was.

Sam got away with turning everyone against Max, something I'm still questioning because of how quick that decision seemed to be. Regardless, the person behind this creation is the real mystery and I have no guesses to who that could be.

This could be something worth revisiting but it might not hold as much interest as the introduction of Sam did. The horror that comes from an A.I. can only last so long after they are revealed to have a dark side.

Plus we would have to be really invested in the person specifically. If they are bland or don't have enough of a motive, then they lose all interest right away. Unless it is an alien. An alIen would be fantastic and highly unlikely for now.

Also I'm finding it difficult to watch you mush your peas on your plate like a toddler.


Max got the short end of the stick again, but this time around it was even more shocking.

The entire group is still new to one another and yet I still can't see myself getting behind the idea that they would so easily trust a computer system over a coworker.

Leroy especially is Max's partner and should have guessed sooner that Max isn't that jealous to do all of this. 

The same goes for Annie, those two are meant to like each other and then she questions his entire participation in the missions. 

Annie has seen how committed Max is to the Bureau and how successful he has been at helping them. Why turn on him now as if you didn't witness all of that yourself?

I was waiting for that moment when we found out that Annie and Leroy were truly brainwashed somehow but it turns out they are just easy to fool when it comes to Max.

Good for Leroy though for focusing on Max's annoying habits enough to be able to identify him. That is the partnership dream.

Max: Get a room you two.
Leroy: He is a room. He is all the rooms.

Leroy and Maz's relationship really took a hit, maybe not in their eyes but in mine. This is a great reminder that they are still not that close but why does it feel like Leroy couldn't be bothered to make an effort?

Max doesn't come off as pushy as Leroy sees him sometimes, and then Max still seems to be the one struggling to form a connection.

Why is Leroy not willing to spend time with Max? They have fun on missions and they get along, there has to be some disconnect that we are missing.

It would be wonderful to see that Leroy and Max issue shine more going forward, especially if those two try to work on their relationship directly. Their time in the field just isn't transfering over to their personal time and that should be resolved.

The core of the show continues to be the interactions between Max and Leroy, it can only thrive as much as their friendship does. An intense shift though where Max pulls back more would be interesting. 

Leroy is always the one taking a step back, but if Max did it it might be off guard enough for those two to come back to one another better and closer.

Well she is trying to make me drink her robot cappuccino.


What did you think of the episode? Did you expect everyone to doubt Max that quickly? What do you want to see for those relationships going forward? What villian would you like to see Max and Leroy tackle next. Let us know what you think below.

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Sam Review

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Also I'm finding it difficult to watch you mush your peas on your plate like a toddler.


Max: Get a room you two.
Leroy: He is a room. He is all the rooms.