Ghost Hunting Equimpment - Ghosts
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Freddie tells Sam and Jay about the strange occurrences that happen at Woodstone Manor. He shows them the security footage of the laptop keys being pressed without anyone being there. Sam and Jay deny that the keys are moving on the computer.

Pete tells the group that Freddie sold his old car, which means Jessica is trapped elsewhere. Sam wants them to buy Freddie's old car, so Jessica can stay at Woodstone Manor with Sasappis.

Freddie purchased some items to repel or locate some ghosts. Most of the items don't work, but he has a ghost-trapping kit that looks to be a kid's toy.

Jay tries to buy Freddie's old car from the new owner, but he's refusing to pay the new price. Sam agrees to the $1,550 price to keep Jessica around.

The ghosts stare at the ghost-trapping toy to see if it's real or just a baking toy. The ghosts agree that someone should test the trap and see if it's real. Everyone is reluctant to do it.

Trevor knocks a die onto the floor, and the number comes up "6". Pete is too scared to touch the machine. After Thor makes fun of him, Pete challenges Thor to touch the device.

Thor touches the trap and is sucked into the machine.

While a guest is pouring her heart to Sam, Isaac informs her that Thor is trapped inside. Sam tells Jay about what happened; the group can hear Thor inside the trap.

Flower forgets that Thor is inside the trap and touches the trap. She gets sucked inside the trap too.

Sasappis and Jessica talk about the new reality of the car being at Woodstone Manor. Jessica gets upset that she'll be trapped at the manor because neither Sam or Jay would travel with the car often.

Sam and Jay ask Freddie how to free the ghosts; Freddie calls the manufacturer. They tell him to press the button on the side for three seconds.

After Sam pushes the button, a countdown is triggered. The script says it will lead to an "evisceration." Freddie is stuck on hold with the hotline.

Flower and Thor bond over their impending fate.

Jay has a theory that if they overload the kit would multiple ghosts, it could malfunction the machine and release the ghosts. The ghosts debate who should touch the kit and be trapped next.

Pete agrees and touches the kit. Flower and Thor are making out in the trap.

The machine malfunctions; it causes all the ghosts to be freed.

Jessica and Sasappis have a heart-to-heart about their situation. She misses being on the road, and he feels bad for keeping her around.

Flower wants to go on a one-on-one date with Thor.

Freddie tells Sam and Jay that he wants to quit. He doesn't want to work in a place he believes to be haunted. Sam and Jay try to make him stay, but after Alberta uses her ghost ability, Freddie leaves.

Jay tries to sell the car back to the buyer. Marco agrees to buy the car back at a discounted rate.

Jessica and Sasappis break up.

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Freddie: Sam, Jay, in the time that I’ve been working here, I’ve noticed some disturbing things. It started with these strange, almost ethereal humming sounds I would hear every now and then.
Flower: I think he’s talking about you, Alberta!
Freddie: It was a like a singer warming up but kind of off-key.
Alberta: The hell it was!

Thorfinn: Oh! Big surprise! Coward man being coward.
Pete: If you’re so brave, why don’t you touch it?!
Thorfinn: You challenging Thor’s manhood?
Pete: From over here, yeah.
Thorfinn: Fine, I’ll touch it. Thor not afraid.