Hetty Gives Advice - Ghosts
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Hetty talks with Trevor about them hooking up during the holidays. Hetty never wants anyone else to find out; she shuts down any chance of them hooking up again.

Woodstone Manor is busy with plenty of guests. Freddie has updated the booking system and installed a security camera in the hallways.

Freddie tells Sam about his relationship that used to be long-distance. Hetty thinks it's a bad idea for Sam to learn more about Freddie's relationship.

Sasappis and Jessica flirt in the back of Freddie's car. They kiss, but the moment is interrupted when Freddie gets in the car to go home.

During the next day, Sam wants to give Freddie advice about his relationship. Hetty interrupts and urges her to not get involved in Freddie's life; she orders Sam to do nothing. Sam ignores her and gives advice to Freddie.

Sasappis tells the ghosts that he kissed Jessica. Alberta inadvertently gets Sasappis to worry that Jessica could be dating and hooking up with other ghosts when the car is driving around.

Freddie came back after a rough night; his girlfriend broke up with him over an argument due to a Brita filter. He starts crying during a booking call.

Sasappis asks Jessica if there are other ghosts where she's parked. She has a friend who is a former football player and model.

Sam and Jay try to comfort Freddie, but he has to leave the room. Hetty chastises Sam for getting involved; Sam ignores her yet again. Hetty asks Trevor for him to sabotage Freddie so that Sam will treat Freddie like an employee.

Jessica tells Sasappis that she and Freddie are now staying at Freddie's mom's house. There's another hot dead fireman who is her friend there, but Sasappis gets all jealous. She tells Sasappis to get out of the car.

Due to Hetty and Trevor's sabotage, one of the rooms at Woodstone Manor gets overbooked multiple times. The manor gets filled with angry guests; Sam lashes out at Freddie for the faulty booking system and the issues. Freddie tries to explain the situation and make excuses, but Sam pushes back.

Freddie quits.

Sasappis is angry that Freddie quit. Jay discovers that someone sabotaged the booking system; they quickly discover it was Trevor because he placed it as "69." Sam confronts Hetty and Trevor about their sabotage, but Hetty stands by her decision.

Pete offers advice to Sasappis about his fears over Jessica cheating. Sasappis feels a lot better over the advice.

Hetty tells Sam that she's sad over not being a good mother and watching Woodstones go by without any of her advice. She was happy that her advice could be listened by Sam. Sam says that she sometimes misses not getting advice from her mother.

Sam and Hetty reconcile over their issues. They bond as a family.

Sasappis apologizes to Jessica for his earlier behavior and fears. Jessica says she's not hooking up with other ghosts; they reunite.

Freddie accepted his job back at Woodstone Manor. He checked the logs and found that nobody inputted the errors into the system. He checked the security camera footage and saw the laptop keys clicking themselves to set the error.

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Trevor: I was joking! I wasn’t turned on at all.
Hetty: My friend, that lie would be a lot easier to sell … with some pants on.
Trevor: That’s involuntary. Don’t read into it.
[He looks down at his crotch]
Trevor: Damn you.

Flower: Security camera? That’s creepy. I don’t want to be watched.
Pete: Flower, you’re invisible.
Flower: Oh yeah! That would’ve come in handy when I robbed that bank.