Hidden Relationship - Ghosts
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Sam is pitching the biography about Isaac to a publisher. He says they'll think it over, but he doesn't sound impressed with the story.

The ghosts look over what Sam purchased at the grocery. Trevor refuses to make a dirty joke about Sam purchasing melons. Hetty chastises him for not making lewd jokes because it will make everyone be suspicious about them hooking up.

Isabelle, Sam's friend from journalism school, is staying at Woodstone Manor. She's in town for a big story, and she makes Sam feel inadequate for not having the same journalism success.

Thorfinn gets angry because a soap opera doesn't reveal the big twist. Flower tells Thorfinn that he needs to get his anger in check for them to have a successful relationship. Thorfinn agrees to tone down his anger.

Sam gets word that the publisher is passing on the book. None of the other publishers want to publish it either. After an emotional plea from Isaac, Sam feels guilty and lies to him, telling him that they're going to publish the book.

Isaac is excited and brags to the other ghosts about the book being published. Sam tries to underplay it and not post about it online; the ghosts want her to be braggy and make a big celebration of it.

Thorfinn goes to Pete for help about how to not get too angry with things.

Sam and Jay talk in the car about how to lie to Isaac and keep the truth from him.

The ghosts practice and test Thorfinn's anger training. Sasappis talks about a reality TV show, and Alberta talks about cod and Thorfinn's hair. Soren, Isabelle's husband, has arrived at the manor. He is originally from Denmark, which is pushing Thorfinn's anger.

At dinner, Soren talks down about Norway and speaks highly of Denmark. Thorfinn's anger boils over and lashes out.

The ghosts secretly posted about Isaac's book on Sam's social channels. Isabelle notices and congratulates her. Later, Sam is feeling excited about the congratulations she's getting online.

Flower tells Thorfinn to just be himself. She got turned on by seeing him yell.

Sam's lie starts to unravel as Isabelle and Soren start digging for more information. As Isabelle is about to call Sam's publisher, Sam is forced to tell them the truth. Isaac gets upset about the lie.

Sam comforts Isaac and tells him the truth. He says he understands why Sam feels inferior to Isabelle.

Sam gets a message that the publishers changed their minds and they now want to publish the book.

Hetty and Trevor congratulate themselves for keeping it a secret from everyone. Nancy and Nigel walk into the basement lavatory to find Hetty and Trevor on top of each other.

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Sam: Although, look at these melons. Beautiful, huh?
[Everyone stares at Trevor]
Trevor: What?
Alberta: Go on, make a disgusting comment about Sam’s melons so we can all move on with our day.
Sam: Oh my god, I teed myself up. Didn’t I?
Trevor: I wasn’t gonna say anything!

Alberta: Let’s talk about cod.
Thorfinn: Oh boy…
Alberta: It’s a very bland fish. It’s probably the worst fish out of all fish.
Thorfinn: That is perfectly reasonable opinion.
Alberta: And what’s the deal with the little girl braids and your beard? Did your friends do that for you at a sleepover?
Thorfinn: Each braid represent brother I lose in battle.