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Jay and Sam welcome the first official guests to the Woodstone B&B. They fall through the flooring due to the termites.

Jay hit his head from the fall. Sam wants him to stay in bed and rest.

Jay goes searching around the building looking for ghosts; he believed that the fall gave him the power to see ghosts. In actuality, Jay can't see ghosts and he hugged the delivery guy.

The guests left after the floor collapsed. Jay and Sam want the ghosts to be on their best behavior for the next guests. Jay doesn't want them to spy or use their ghost powers.

Thorfinn, Nigel, Isaac, Hetty, and Sasappis watch a program about the 90s. Nigel abruptly leaves and Isaac wonders if they did something to cause him to leave.

Debbie and Tom are the new first guests at the Woodstone Manor. Jay gives them welcome drinks.

Pete warns Sam and the ghosts that the guests are critical Mid-Westeners. As a former travel agent, he is worried that the guests may not be open about their thoughts and if they don't like their experience.

Nigel admits that Thorfinn irritates him at times. Nigel and Isaac are happy for coming clean; they work well together.

Sam and Jay discover Debbie and Tom's Yelp profile, which features many negative reviews. Alberta pitches the idea of the ghosts spying on the guests to help make the stay even better. Jay turns down the idea, but Sam teams up with the ghosts to spy.

Isaac chats with Thorfinn about the way he interacts with people; he asks Thorfinn to tone it down. Isaac says that Thorfinn could be around less when Isaac is around. Thorfinn is angry and says he won't be around.

The ghosts eavesdrop on the guests. They tell Sam that Debbie and Tom were bashing everything about the room.

Nancy from the basement ghosts tells the group that Thorfinn moved into the basement due to Isaac's conversation. Isaac refuses to apologize to Thorfinn because he doesn't want to mess things up with Nigel.

The ghosts give Sam insider information about the guests hating Jay's cookies.

Jay puts it all together that Sam is working with the ghosts to eavesdrop on the ghosts.

The ghosts give Sam the feedback that the guests had about her. Debbie and Tom called her too chatty. Sam tries to change during dinner.

While watching the 90s special, Isaac has an epiphany during a Spice Girls segment.

Sam tries to implement more changes during the dinner, like taking the butter dish and the lamp. The couple stills make comments under their breath.

Isaac goes into the basement and apologizes to Thorfinn; he wants him to come back to the house. Isaac tells Nigel that he needs to get along with Thorfinn too.

Nigel apologizes to Thorfinn. The pair discuss that they have a shared hobby of watching ants.

Sam changed her entire outfit and made further changes, but the ghosts say that Debbie and Tom hate Sam's perfume. Jay calls out the couple for their behavior.

Jay and Sam state that they could hear them through the walls. They reveal that Debbie and Tom's Yelp reviews weren't anonymous; the couple freaks out about the news and rushes to take down all the reviews.

After Tom and Debbie leave, they leave a good review for Woodstone Manor. They get a 5-star review.

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Ghosts Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Jay: Oh my God, Pete?!
Pete: Jay? You can see me?! Gadzukes, Jay, say yes.
Jay: I don’t believe it.
Pete: I don’t either. Bring it in big fella!
[Jay passes through Pete’s ghost form]

Welcome to the Woodstone B and B!