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It's the first night for the kids to spend time with Jake at his new place. He has no interest in helping her fix a window.

Lyla suggests she get a drill. Power tools do not make you a lesbian.

Max is helping Jake move in, but he hasn't told Abby. Jake thinks he should lie until they figure it out.

The girls are worried about Abby's first childless night, but she thinks she'll ride it through with wine and a bath.

At work, Lyla discovers Delia making moves without the partners. A dude walks in...could Delia be the next partner?

Abby shoots book ideas to the new chicky, but Abby lost her street cred. How about menopause?

Phoebe sends Abby a great gift basket, vibrator and all!

Miss CW wants sex, but Jake is anxious the kids like his new place. She can bring donuts over later? Not so quick. He goes for the sex to relieve stress.

Lyla is at the office. She gave up storytime to be at the office. At school, her kid calls the maid mama and runs to her. Ouch.

Abby drinks wine in her underwear, trying to write.

Jake has Chinese delivery with the kids. Lilly doesn't want to use a public hot tub or pool. Charlie tries to use Xbox, but he can't log in. Things are falling apart! The acting class next door sounds like people are killing each other, scaring the kids.

Max is more concerned about Jake than Abby and Ford tells him he should lay off a bit.

Abby is now in her underwear and heels, dancing in the window. She eventually breaks, crying and calling in reinforcements. Then she tries to take on the broken window, getting fingers stuck inside. Yikes!

Abby is being rescued by a paramedic when Lyla and Phoebe arrive. Best call for him all week. Phoebe wants to take a photo.

Jake introduces Becca and when she suggests bowling, suddenly it's exciting.

Max is sneaking phone calls to Jake and Ford is not impressed -- until he learns they're bowling with Becca Riley. Blood Sisters is his favorite show!

The girls see progress on Instagram and head to Lilly's room to deface Becca. Jake and Max know about the Instagram. When Abby realizes what she's done, she freaks a bit.

While Jake and Max try to figure out how they'll lie to Abby, Abby and the gals try to find a poster. The one they find? Chinese writing, I think.

Lyla tries to use her contact to get a poster, but it's Phoebe's call to Delia that works. She arrives looking ridiculously good. 

Abby gets the poster up on the wall, but it's not signed. Somehow she misses that little detail.

When the girls leave, she puts her own spin on the poster signature.

When the kids come home, she doesn't even care about the poster. She can put up a photo of her and Becca. Charlie finds a really cool lightsaber, so he's better for it! Hahaha!

Lilly reads Abby the riot act, blaming everything on her being old and letting Jake go, unhappy that she's alone now.

Abby wants first dibs on Max, and although he says he will give it to her, I have doubts.

Lyla arrives at school and Dan is there. She wonders if she's in trouble.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Episode Number:

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Melissa: Well, the team here has a very exciting idea for you.
Abby: OK.
Melissa: How do you feel about menopause?

Abby: What about the window?
Jake: Yeah, you really should fix that before you lose a finger.
Abby: Oh my God, I just found a finger!