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The girls meet for coffee. Abby doesn't want to go out with Will because he's young enough to be her son. They're all sharing and Lyla's mother comes in for a visit. She thinks mom is a nightmare, but Abby and Phoebe not so much.

Lyla gets a closing the door speech at the office. She got a grievance complaint against her. She's not only a monster on her assistants, but is way behind her 70% rate. The partners want her to take a break and get some perspective.

Jake and Abby go through the household possessions. Blue, pink and yellow stickies freak Lilly out. Abby shares Lilly has really been testing the boundaries and to come down hard. He reminds her she's off the clock so she can relax.

Lyla arrives home to mom Annie making homemade sushi or something. She doesn't take any of it well. Why? The caseworker is there and after the sushi is prepared, she realizes there is gluten in the rice. She doesn't appreciate Lyla patting herself on the back for her good food.

Jake wonders if Lilly did her homework. Yes, and she did some French extra credit, too.

Abby runs into Delia and requests to keep the divorce talk at bay and Delia immediately starts talking about it.

Phoebe shows up with her couple. They're kinda hot. Abby and Delia aren't quite sure how to process it. She begins with the sexual acronyms explaining how threesomes work well.

Lyla can't even successfully offer Saki. Gluten.

Jake is yelling at the neighbors again as they attempt a very poor rendition of A Streetcar Named Desire. Jake heads into Lilly's room. She's snoring -- through her computer! Oh!

Jake has called every parent and kid and Becca has scoured Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Nothing. Becca wants him to call Abby; Jake wants to call all the parents Lilly isn't friends with first.

Abby is with Will as he tries to explain about the "band" and the DJ who isn't off to the side in a little booth. Will admits when he heard about her mini mart, he made it his mini mart.

Some chick named Rachel gets angry seeing Will with someone else and then she tosses a drink into Abby's face. Abby throws back and then decides it was kind of awesome. She was almost in a bar fight and she is pumped and ready to wrestle a bear.

She starts making out with Will, then "holy shit!" Lilly is across the room, making out with a guy. Whoops!

Everyone at the party is ethical non-monogomy or polyamory. What the hell??

When Abby gets to Jakes, they take parenting jabs and then Jake hones in on the young man in the car. An all out fight ensues because Jake holds Abby's former hostility over dating a younger woman over her head. What a nightmare.

Lyla argues with her mother, rightfully so.

Abby cries, wishing she was in a good place to be with Will, realizing how much growing she has to do to catch up with him. He walks away, despite not wanting to.

Lyla and her mom finally talk about how Annie is loving and perfect, with the skin and the hair. She wants to know when is the last time she cried, and Annie reveals her grandfather died. Nobody told her. Annie wanted to wait for the right moment and Lyla wonders, is this it?

Phoebe wakes up in between her couple. She leaves the necklace on the table and moves on.

She was relevant once. I think that conversation has moved on. Cleo Stevens claims Abby cracked because she says more time for moms, their kids will be fine. Abby spent 14 years hyper focused on her kids, barely mentioning her husband, and then she just snapped.

How will that change things going forward? We'll have to watch to find out!

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Phoebe: It's not all about PIV. Penis in vagina. With three people, there are exponentially more ways to get off, like TIV, VOV...
Abby: Alright!
Phoebe: And then of course, my favorite. PIB. Just don't knock it until you've tried it.

Sounds super awkward!