Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Rule #21

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Apparently, you either love Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce or you hate it. Are there any in between watchers lurking out there?

With each new installment, I find more to love about the series and I'm shocked when some readers share they're repulsed by the women portrayed on the show. To each his (and her) own, I suppose. I feel like I'm growing closer to these women every week.

On Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 5 things start to get real. What one might think will bring happiness does anything but and emotions are running high. It's a perfect time to get a bit more insight into these complex creatures.

Daddy Time - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 5

There are things I've come to appreciate during these five (5! Can you believe it?!) weeks since GG2D has come on the air. First is the way family is incorporated into the series. We have yet to see an episode when the parents are not only spending time with their children in some capacity, but engaging in school activities. Even Lyla, who got a scathing red mark from the school discovered she suddenly had time to take cookies to the school bake sale.

These aren't fly by night parents, hawking their kids off on nannies and more clubs and activities any normal child should be thrust into. Witnessing the reaction of the kids to the separation of home items lends a lot of weight to a discussion about breaking up. Jake, although he's dating a very young starlet, spends time at home with his kids, watching TV on the couch.

This is not just a series about girlfriends experiencing divorce; it's about families. That says a lot about Bravo's first scripted program. They didn't just settle for a knock-off of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Even when you don't intend to think about the bigger picture, dammit, you have no choice in the matter. The kids can hear and see everything!

Abby wound up going on a date with young Will, who we met in Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 1. He pursued her, paying attention to where she shopped so he could casually bump into her to ask her out. That brings me to yet another thing I appreciate about GG2D. Even though Jake is dating a younger girl and Abby just tested the waters, neither of the younger set was chosen due to their age.

The Younger Man - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Despite how deeply it hurts Abby to be "replaced" by a younger model, Becca cares about Jake and the kids. She was the one pushing Jake to call Abby when Lilly went missing. Even when things get awkward between Jake and Abby, Becca handles it well. 

Will did pretty well in his first time out of the gate, not only by saying and doing all the right things when they were out, but by holding his own during the "Oh Shit" moment. It was such a bummer! Just minutes after Abby nearly came to blows with a young "slut" and was feeling on top of the world, as she was sucking face with Will she spotted Lilly doing the same thing across the bar. What?

After it all, Abby realized she's not ready for a relationship yet, especially with someone who knows himself as well as Will does himself. It was a brutally honest scene and tears were shed, but Will honored Abby's wishes and walked away. A lesser man would have pushed a little and Abby would have probably caved. Will earned a comeback ticket for that performance.

Things with Lyla and Phoebe were equally falling apart.

Lyla's anger issues have gotten her into a lot of hot water with assistants and she's no longer pulling her financial weight in the law firm. While she wasn't fired, she was asked to take some time off to get herself together. Thankfully, her plate was so full the reality of what happened didn't have a chance to hit.

Mom and Me - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 5

Lyla's mother was in town to help out, especially during a visit from the caseworker. It's amazing to think a caseworker is involved with Lyla and Dan because neither of them seem worthy of the intrusion. The sushi/gluten disaster was horrific to watch, but it did bring Lyla closer with Annie. I laughed out loud when Lyla learned her grandpa died and she never heard about it because her mom was waiting for the right time to tell her. "Is now the right time?" she asked and I lost it. It was the levity needed for the moment and it worked perfectly.

Phoebe is on a quest. She wants so much to have whatever it is she thinks she's lacking in any given moment. Love is right up there on her list and she thought she found the perfect thing in being accepted by another couple to spice up their life. 

Well, until she learned she was actually participating in polyamory or "ethical non-monogomy." What a load of horse crap, right? It was another laugh out loud moment when she leaned in for the kiss at what certainly looked like an orgy to Phobe (and me), but was apparently just another day in the live of the polyamorous. Much like traditional married couples, they all get together at a pal's house and proceed to have sex with only their own significant others and then you just have to wonder why?!

Even Phoebe can see when she's reaching too high for something that just isn't there. She's a cool chick. She needs to calm down and accept her life as it is for now. Focus on her friends and find a purpose. With all of Lyla's upcoming free time, maybe they can get together and help Abby kick Cleo Stevens' ass.

My one sticking point about the series remains: I don't buy all of Abby's fans dropping her like a hot potato, especially to the point they'd welcome with open arms a crackpot like Cleo. I can only hope Cleo pointing out that Abby spent 14 years thinking of nothing but her children and the stress proved too much tosses a few hits around to those who love her.

Did you catch the previews? Please don't tease me about a second chance between Abby and Jake. I'm in love with them even as they argue and separate. 

So what did you think? Are you still in love? If you're wondering what all the hoopla is and haven't yet done so, watch Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce online because you shouldn't be missing out!

Rule #21: Leave Childishness to Children Review

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Abby: Alright!
Phoebe: And then of course, my favorite. PIB. Just don't knock it until you've tried it.

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