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Jo and Abby have made up.

Phoebe has passed her GED so the girls decide to throw her a prom on SheShe.

Jake brings Lily home and notes that he saw her Tweeting about her date with Dr. Harris. She wonders briefly if he's OK, but he's off after saying he's living the dream.

Jo is surprised to see Frumkis when he arrives with Zooey. Apparently he looks much different now. Cleaned up.

Abby is a little put out when Phoebe comes to SheShe and immediately makes friends with Barbara. Even more so when Barbara thinks Phoebe should write the article about the prom. After all, it's her story and her point of view.

Delia and Gordon are creating the prenup and the attorney is a little pissed off about what they'll do with the children when they want the standard getup.

Jo is freaking out over the change to Frumpkis, but also worried about Abby jumping onto the dating horse so quickly.

Harris takes Abby to a really crazy island type place. The party until morning.

Lisa Rinna is confirmed plus one for the prom. 

Harris posted a photo of him and Abby with the tiki dancer.

Jo asked Frumpkis to the prom so she could try to blow up his reformed guy ruse. 

Abby hired hair and makeup for the night and the others can "partake." Phoebe didn't look pleased.

Delia and Albert share a very strange moment talking about the firm, not wanting to lose one another and almost kiss. Obviously, she freaks.

Jake is playing pool with Ford who doesn't want to talk about Abby for the rest of the night.

Barbara wonders why Abby is writing the story again. No, she's not offering Phoebe to write a fresh piece. Everyone went retro except Abby, who went modern to look good for Harris.

At prom, Abby proves to be no fun at all, working the entire time, disappointing her friends.

Jo also learns Frumpkis no longer drinks because of Charlene.

Phoebe, Jo and Delia hide out in the back room to drink champagne. If Abby wants the prom, Phoebe says, she can have it. Delia reveals she almost kissed her boss. Abby arrives. Mitchell wonders if they can do a girlfriends photo for her column. Um...no.

Abby is suddenly oblivious and then tops it off with an insult. After Barbara tells Abby to get over herself and Abby fires back, a drunken Jake arrives with Ford and a bunch of ducks. 

He just wants her to feel. Why doesn't she feel? Abby assures Jake that if she stops, she might never move again.

Jo and Frumpkis are eating lots of cakes in a drunkin' rage and find Scott banging one of the kitchen staff in the back. Frumpkis stops just short of cheating on Charlene. Then he delivers the death blow. He and Charlene closed on a house nearby. They're moving here so he can be close to Zooey and Charlene can get to know her better.

Abby and Phoebe make up when Abby gives her a Most Likely to Succeed plate. 

Drunk, Abby shows up at Harris' house. He's not very pleasant. 

Delia goes to the office and really kisses Albert, subsequently running out. He runs after her.

Jo is crying at Abby's house. She still wants Frumpkis. Abby isn't handling it well, either.

Holy shit. Delia and Albert are screwing on the floor.

Lily wants to move in with Lily.



Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Abby: You wanna come on Friday?
Harris: Oh my God. Are you asking me to the prom?

If I can inspire women to graduate high school and get an open bar, why not? It's a SheShe win win, right?