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Miles brought back his very first podcast guest, Rabbi Schwartz, who set the tone for the episode by asking Miles if he was ready for one last test now that he was so close to finding the God Account's identity. 

Shortly after, Miles, Rakesh and Cara ventured to an old computer frequented by Falken in hopes of pinpointing his location. 

The store no longer existed, but Miles wasn't concerned as it was located at the intersection where his mother was killed by a drunk driver. 

As Miles questions if this could be a coincidence, he receives a friend suggestion for Charles Cole, the man who killed his mother 17-years-ago.  

Miles declares that they will not be helping his mother's killer, however, Rakesh and Cara do some digging on their own since they are so close to completing the Fibonacci Spiral. 

Cara follows Cole to a fire station where she finds out Cole was asking for a recommendation to apply for the job. 

The Chief and his close friend tells Cara that the night of the accident, Cole was 18 and celebrating graduating from the academy.

His whole life was ahead of him. 

When Cara tells Miles everything she found out, he's still not interested in meeting Cole, however, she explains that this will help him finally move on and gain some closure. 

When they get to Cole's place, Miles wonders if the anniversary of his mother's death means anything to him. 

Cole is very remorseful explaining that the accident took a toll on his life. When his fiancee, Angela, arrives, Miles is upset that Cole calls them "his friends" and tells her the truth. 

Meanwhile, Ali confronts her dad about telling Miles the truth about Cole. He promises to tell him after the anniversary, but Miles finds out sooner -- after Cole got out of prison, he re-applied for the firefighter job and Arthur gave him a recommendation. 

Arthur explains that he needed to forgive Cole so he could remember his wife in a positive and loving way. 

Cara visits Angela and finds out that Cole called off the engagement. He said that even though she's "fine" with it now, she'll eventually look at him differently now that she knows what he did. 

Rakesh tracks Miles to the park where Cara gives him a pep-talk about forgiveness and how letting go of the anger can finally allow him to move on. 

She explains that Miles and the God Account allowed her to stop being angry at her own mother. 

Miles heads over to the bar to find Cole and stumbles upon an apartment fire on his way. 

Cole is there helping get everyone out so he lends him a hand. 

Later, Miles tells Cole that he should give Angela another chance. 

Miles is able to join his family at his mother's grave for the first time since her death. 

As Miles reflects on forgiveness, he meets up with Cara who tells him she passed on her promotion to features because she wasn't done writing the story of the God Account. 

She also informs him that she broke up with Eli, but before they can dive into it, Rakesh tells them he found Falken's childhood home at the end of the Fibonacci Spiral. 

When they arrive at the deserted apartment, they come face-to-face with Pria who tells Miles that it's "time he knew the truth."


God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Ever since I was a little kid, I always wanted to be a firefight. But instead of saving lives, I ended up taking one.

Charles Cole

Rakesh: You know, this intersection is within the ten-block radius of the Fibonacci spiral. It's can't be a coincidence.
Miles: It's not.
Cara: Who's "Charles Coles"?
Miles: He's the drunk driver that killed my mom.