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God Friended Me Season 2 kicks off with everyone living their best lives. 

Miles is promoting the second season of his podcast on another podcast and updating his listeners on how great everyone's doing. 

Rakesh scored a job as R&D at Identity Seal, Cara is living it up in Paris while writing a book, and he's been working with Joy on God Account things. 

But in reality, Miles is panicking. 

He hasn't been able to locate Joy since their encounter right after Cara took off for Paris and since then, there's been nothing new on the God Account front. 

Miles is panicking -- he quit his job and bet everything on this podcast so he cannot see it fail. 

All of this changes when Miles misses the train after helping a soldier who was lost in New York. 

He thinks he sees Joy, so he chases a woman in a red coat to a nearby coffee shop.

The woman isn't Joy, but coincidentally, Joy is at the very coffee shop. 

She's not pleased to see Miles but he doesn't care because they have work to do. 

She tells him she's not interested in pursuing this God Account stuff and has been annoyed by the random music it starts playing in the middle of the night. We've been there. 

But she's also surprised to get a friend suggestion, the first one she's gotten since she was sent Miles' name. 

And, as luck would have it, the friend suggestion is Lt. James Fremont aka the soldier Miles just gave directions too. 

Tracking Fremont down is easy because Miles knew where he was headed. 

Joy becomes a little abrasive towards Fremont at the bar and he walks out. 

Miles questions why Joy is so anti-helping Fremont, but she keeps on keeping on with her excuse that helping people isn't her thing. 

They follow Fremont to a cemetery and realize he was lying -- he did come to New York with a purpose. 

But whose tombstone was he visiting?

Rakesh does some digging and is unable to find a connection between Fremont and Stephenson. 

Joy becomes irritated with the lack of progress and Miles, jealous that the God Account chose Joy over him since he's better suited for the gig, tells her to ignore that the God Account liked Webster Park. 

Miles arrives at Webster Park to find Joy standing there.

She informs him that she tries harder when someone believes she cannot accomplish something. 

They confront Fremont about why he's really in New York when all of a sudden he experiences trouble breathing. 

At the hospital, Joy pretends to be Fremont's wife and the doctor discloses that Fremont has a heart condition. She begs them to convince Fremont not to return to service because the emotional and physical stress could kill him. 

Fremont isn't interested in what they have to say. He doesn't care if it'll kill him because he's found his purpose and that's being a soldier. 

They attempt to convince his friend who works for army recruiting, but he refuses to help because the army is Fremont's whole life. 

He does mention a woman named Rose whom Fremont was willing to give it all up for but says that she broke up with him 6 months ago. 

A quick search reveals Rose Stephenson is the brother of the soldier Fremont was visiting. 

They attempt to track down Rose who is, as it turns out, in Paris. 

Miles enlists Cara's help in tracking down Rose while Joy and Miles track down Fremont in Times Square. 

Joy gives him a speech about having hope, but when Cara Facetimes them, she has some bad news -- Rose left Paris. 

Suddenly, the lights flicker off and all of Times Square goes dark. 

When the lights come back up, Miles and Fremont are on all of the large screens. 

Rose emerges from the crowd and she and Fremont agree to pick up where they left off. 

He agrees to take a job with recruiting instead, and Joy has successfully helped her first friend suggestion. 

What's more is that she actually liked how success felt. 

Both Miles and Joy agree to make the best of their new roles in the God Account. 

Joy also reveals that she was a person who loved to help people, which is why she was a public defender in Chicago. But she gave all of that up to come to NYC and find the baby she gave up for adoption when she was just 16. 

Meanwhile, in Paris, Cara asks Simon for help tracking down her mother's old friend, Annie. 

Simon agrees and later reveals that he knew Annie. He got her discredited as a journalist because she was trying to expose him for stealing the Juliet Code. 

Cara pays Annie a visit and everything is pleasant until Cara reveals she's working with Simon. 

Annie essentially kicks her out of the house. She shows up at her apartment later to apologize and asks how Cara knew her mother was in New York. 

Cara tells her it's because of the Facebook message she sent her, but Annie doesn't know anything about that. 

Cara meets with Simon to tell him that she thinks the God Account has been running things for longer than they've known. 

And back in New York City, Arthur Finer is preparing for his wedding day with Trish. 

The two agree on everything except selling his house and buying a new one. 

He doesn't want to let go of all of the memories, but Trish refuses to compromise because she wants to make her own memories. 

Eventually, Arthur comes to his senses and surprises her by buying her dream house. 

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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Joy: So, how'd you get roped into this?
Rakesh: Oh, let's just say I have a very particular set of skills that come in handy when we're trying to help someone.
Joy: You're a hacker.
Rakesh: I wouldn't call myself a hacker.
Joy: What would you call yourself?
Rakesh: Super hacker.

Fremont: I'm not going to let some hiccup with my heart prevent me from serving my country.
Joy: It's more than a hiccup. If you push yourself too hard you could...
Fremont: Die? Yeah, I made peace with that the moment I put on this uniform.