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Cara and Miles go on their first date together but calling it a "date" makes things awkward between them. 

They rely on the God Account as a buffer and head to a recommended restaurant where their sous chef and the owner's daughter, Sophia, becomes their latest Friend Suggestion.

Sophia is planning on leaving the family restaurant and opening up her own place, but she's not ready to tell her father just yet. 

Miles and Cara realize that they are going to have to help Sophia break the news to her father, Sonny. 

The day Sophia is supposed to cater to potential investors, her restaurant space is closed down because of a gas leak. 

Her father, Sonny, shows up at the bar to confirm that the rumors are true. He's disappointed in Sophia for abandoning the family. 

Ali offers the bar kitchen for Sophia to use, but sadly, the investors pull their offers after Sophia's liquor license gets rejected. 

Miles gets another suggestion for a French bakery where they run into the man from the gas company who tells them that the gas leak was a false alarm. 

Cara realizes that the gas leak and the liquor license rejection aren't accidents. 

They confront Sonny at his restaurant, but he informs them that he had nothing to do with it. 

His main chef, Tony, was responsible because he knew how good Sophia's cooking was and deemed her a threat to the restaurant. 

Sonny is so upset that Tony would openly sabotage his daughter that he fires him. 

He makes amends with Sophia by selling the family restaurant and using the money to help Sophia open up her own place.

He's offering to be her angel investor. 

Meanwhile, Ali does some snooping around when she becomes suspicious of Reverand Andrew's dinner with Lester and the Diocese. 

She enlists Rakesh who confirms that Andrew was purposefully brought to Harlem Episcopal. 

Ali and Miles head to the church to confront Andrew about replacing their father but he informs them that he's only taking his place because the Diocese's is making Arthur Bishop of New York. 

Simon Hayes asks Rakesh to help him protect his servers from Henry Chase. 

As Rakesh is dabbling in the system, he realizes that Chase is trying to put a virus on Hayes' server thus blowing up his secret project. 

He helps Hayes this time but tells Miles that he doesn't believe Chase is behind the God Account. Instead, he believes Hayes is their new suspect. 

Cara and Miles wonder why their chemistry fizzled out the moment they went on an official date. 

Both agree that maybe they missed their moment and changing the dynamic just isn't in the cards. 

Miles even looks to Arthur for advice who tells him that if there's no spark there will never be one. 

They both attend Sophia's restaurant announcement party. As Italian tradition goes, you have to kiss the person you came with or be cursed with bad luck. 

Miles and Cara kiss and realize there's definitely a spark before going in for a full make-out session. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Yeah, I mean who knew God liked Italian?


Look Miles, I know you probably don't want to hear this, but there is a chance you guys missed the last off-ramp to romance and now are about to stay on the Friends Freeway. Forever.