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Miles and Cara get a Friend Suggestion for Vivian Hall. 

Except there's one problem -- Cara wrote a piece about Vivian who fell into a coma the night before her wedding.

Much to their surprise, when they arrive at the hospital, Vivian is awake and has been for about three weeks. 

Her fiance, Aiden, asks Cara and Miles to help her piece together what happened the night before they were set to wed, but it seems like Vivian doesn't want to know. 

Aiden hands them a chip that he found in Vivian's purse as a possible lead. 

Ali recognizes that chip from a local speakeasy which is where they find Vivian's coat. 

Inside the coat is a piece of paper Noah's phone number. 

Vivian panics that she was having cold feet and possibly fell in love the night before her wedding. 

Though she doesn't want to recall the events, when Aiden finds out that she may have fallen for someone else, he gets really upset. 

They track down Aiden's apartment by ordering from his favorite Thai food place. When they knock on his door, a woman from across the hall tells them he moved. 

The woman turns out to be Fliss, a former God Account suggestion. 

Fliss joins Miles, Cara and Vivian in finding Noah's gallery where they see a portrait of Vivian. 

Aiden follows them and gets upset that Vivian cheated, but the picture finally helps her remember that she fell in love with Aiden that night and couldn't wait to marry him. 

Aiden is hesitant, but he gives Vivian another chance. 

Meanwhile, Miles and Cara walk by the exact spot where he planned to ask her out that one time they ran into her ex, Eli.

Miles finally asks her out to dinner and Cara obviously says yes. 

She arrives at his place in a smoking hot red dress leaving him understandably speechless. 

Jaya visits Rakesh in New York to accompany him to his work mixer. 

Before the mixer, Rakesh finally has a chance to meet with Simon Hayes, his boss and the man they believe is behind the God Account. 

Hayes offers Rakesh a job on his new major project, but the only problem is that he'd have to move to Palo Alto just as Jaya told him she'll be doing her residency back in New York. 

Rakesh eventually tells Mr. Hayes that he'll take the job under one condition: he moves the whole team to New York. 

Hayes agrees. 

Rakesh wonders if the new project has something to do with the God Account. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Reverand Andrew: I know how to write a sermon.
Ali: Not at his church.

I know what she's going through. Okay? I went through it with Eli. You think she wants to be having these feelings, these doubts? You don't think she wants to feel the same way that he does about her? Yeah, it sucks, but it's not her fault Miles. She needs to know what happened. They both do.