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Miles enlisted Rakesh' help cracking the code on the painting he brought back from Paris. 

Rakesh assures him it'll take some time and it would be better if they talked to the artist, Audrey Grenelle. 

They check out her gallery and her assistant assures them that Audrey will attend her gallery opening the following day. 

They all grab lunch with Joy, who meets Cara for the first time. 

When Joy gets a text message and quickly skips out on lunch to go to "work," Miles thinks that she got a friend suggestion without telling them. 

Rakesh and Cara think he's going too far, but when he gets to her job and realizes she's off, he knows he's right. 

Rakesh tracks down Joy's phone, and Miles finds her sitting at the park. 

She tells him he was right, she did get a friend suggestion for her daughter, Joy. 

Joy begins questioning if she did the right thing by giving her daughter up for adoption, but Miles and Cara assure her not to jump to conclusions until she finds out what Lauren's issues may be. 

A glance at her Facebook page reveals that Lauren is on the same soccer team as Cara's step-sister. And, as luck would have it, Susan just invited Cara to attend the game earlier that day. 

Cara, Miles, and Joy attend the soccer game for a chance to talk to Lauren's parents. 

Susan makes the introduction when a fight between Lauren and another girl breaks out. 

Cara's sister informs them that Lauren, a former grade-A studnent, had been acting out all month. 

Rakesh realizes Lauren joined a Facebook group and ordered a 23 and Me test in hopes of finding her real family. 

"She's looking for me," Joy exclaims as she grabs her things to go introduce herself to her daughter. 

Miles stops her explaining that she cannot just go and talk to a minor without the parents' consent. 

They track Lauren's father down to a grocery store and as they're about to tell him what's going on, Lauren and her mother are seen arguing. 

Her mom just found out about the 23 and Me test while her dad already knew about it. 

Joy sees everyone fighting and informs them that she can help Lauren get to know her family. 

Before she says anything else, Miles jumps in and tells them Lauren is a lawyer who can track down the biological mom. 

Joy is beyond upset with Miles and tells him that this isn't his friend suggestion to fix. 

Miles and Cara realize Joy is acting irrational and attempt to pinpoint what changed for Joy to sabotage her whole career and come looking for her daughter. 

They realize it was triggered by the death of her grandfather, Kai, the only family she still had left. 

Rakesh gets a ping that there's been a macth in Lauren's 23 and Me test.

She stole her father's credit card and is going to catch a train to Chicago to meet a distant third cousin. 

Joy boards the bus with her in an attempt to stop her. 

When Lauren tells her she wants to know who she is, Joy gives her a photograph of Kai, which instantly brightens Lauren's day. 

She tells her she dug up the photo as Lauren gives her a huge hug. 

After seeing Lauren take up surfing because of her great grandfather, Joy realizes she has to go back to Chicago for the hearing. 

And she's going to win it she tells Miles, Cara, and Rakesh as she says goodbye. 

Cara agrees to move in with her mother and step-sister. 

Arthur considers accepting a job as Chief of Staff at a church. 

When he talks it through with Trish, she tells him she doesn't want him to do it, but the Bishop offering the deal isn't interested in "no."

He tells Arthur they can test it on a trial run, and Arthur seems interested.


God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Susan: Small, strange world we live in sometimes.
Cara: Yeah, you get used to it when you're dealing with the God Account.

Oh, hold up. So suddenly Cara's back, and I'm no longer part of the team or something?