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Miles arrives in Paris to see Cara after months apart and to figure out what his future looks like without the God Account. 

After spending the time catching up on the first night, Miles and Cara venture to the Lock Bridge for their first clues from the God Account. 

Cara attempts to push off talking about their feelings or exchanging the L-word with Miles, so she invites Simon to join them on their search. 

The clues point them to an art collection in the Louvre that was created by artificial intelligence. 

When they arrive at the exhibit, they realize they're too late. However, Cara realizes there's probably art displays in the gift shop, which is where they find "The Path" artwork hinting at "Follow the Lady, Follow your Path."

Miles sends the image, created entirely of binary code, to Rakesh for solving. 

Meanwhile, he tells Cara how he feels and assures her it's okay if she cannot reciprocate those feelings just yet. 

"Take all the time you need," he tells her. 

In New York, Joy tries to stop a meter maid from writing her a ticket for parking too far away from the curb. 

The meter maid refuses, and much to Joy's dismay, she ends up being her friend suggestion. 

Joy tells Rakesh that based on her social media profile, Sarah doesn't look unhappy. 

But when they track her down at home, they find her in a panic because her brother with dementia, Zeke, ran away from home. 

Her husband tells them that he has been happening more often. 

Rakesh and Joy join the search party and find Zeke at a pizza shop. 

Rakesh and Joy try to figure out how they can help this couple, and Joy gets Ali's help in gaining information on government-funded facilities. 

When Sarah's husband finds out that they qualify for assistant and that his wife lied about inquiring, he threatens to leave her. 

Another clue leads Rakesh and Joy to an arcade shop where Rakesh not only gets a piece to fix his game but they also run into Sarah who is very adamant about taking care of her brother to make up for ruining his life and outing him to their parents. 

Rakesh changes out the fuse int he arcade and realizes that Zeke was the top score. 

The man in the arcade turned out to be Zeke's old friend and first lover. Zeke was going to the pizza parlor to find him. 

The man assures Sarah that Zeke didn't resent her and came out to his parents before she told them. 

Rakesh gives the arcade game to Zeke. 

Joy comes clean about why she was suspended by the IL Bar Association. She forged a subpoena to open up her daughter's adoption records. 

She admits she doesn't regret a thing because she found her daughter and saw that she was happy. 

Cara and Miles decide that it's time to leave Paris and come home to New York. 

Cara offers Annie the once-in-a-lifetime story that she was writing about Simon. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Joy: She's got a happy life, see for yourself.
Rakesh: I mean, I guess the whole point of social media is to make it seem like you're living your best life at all times, right? But the God Account wouldn't send Sarah your way if everything was fine.

You have to forgive yourself, Sarah. For Zeke, for your marriage, but most importantly, for you.