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Beth wakes up and realizes that all the fake money she has been storing at home is missing. She meets with Rio, who tells her that the he is shutting down his operation due to the pressure from the FBI.

Each of the ladies gets back into their "old" lives to make money.

One month later, the ladies are short of their next payment to Mary Pat. At Sarah's soccer game, Mary Pat spots Ruby and Stan and subtlety hints to Ruby that she will go to the police if she does not get paid.

The ladies then decide that to get the money, they will need to commit another robbery.

Ruby finds out that Sarah has been shoplifting at school. She later takes Ruby to the local police station so she can be "scared straight".

After gleaning some information from Nancy about her spas, the ladies each target a different spa for the robbery. Each lady makes out with a large amount of injectables.

Once they fail to move the product, Beth confides in Dean about the situation. He takes the product to his doctor friend and he's able to move the injectables.

While visiting Stan at work, Ruby learns that the man from Rio's gang that stayed at the Boland's is the one helping the police. She relays this information to the other ladies.


Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Ruby- Just because other girls do crazy, stupid ass stuff doesn't make it okay. You wouldn't do those things so why in the hell would you do this?
Sarah- They used to make fun of the oxygen tank weirdo. Now they don't. I'm dope.
Ruby- Stealing doesn't make you dope, Sarah. It just makes you a dope.

Beth- How long are we shut down?
Rio- Til further notice.