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Dean confronts Beth over the money she showed him previously, but she doesn't tell him where it came from.

The ladies expand the secret shopper cover so they can clean the money even faster. With the money coming in quicker, the ladies all treat themselves.

The FBI picks up the gang member that stayed at the Boland's a few weeks back and coerce him into helping with their case against Rio.

Rio and company shows up at Beth's, hold the ladies at gunpoint and tells them that they slipped in fake cash with the real cash. They reveal that they have other people washing the money and he tells them he wants the name of the person who is cheating him so he can handle it. Instead, the ladies devise a plan to catch the person who isn't following through with purchasing items and returning them.

Annie gets arrested when she returns to work over the drugs Boomer planted in her locker.

The ladies figure out that single mom, Mary Pat, has been turning the fake money back in. She soon figures out that the secret shopper cover is a scam and blackmails the ladies into giving her $10,000.

Greg and Annie bond over YouTube videos and end up sleeping together.

After giving Mary Pat the money she requested, she tells them that she wants that same amount every week going forward.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Ruby- You know what else I got? I have a new theory on money.
Stan- Tell me.
Ruby- It's like a boomerang. If you throw it out there, it's gonna come back.

Dean- Okay. Are you a drug lord? Are you running a prostitution ring?
Beth- Don't you wish.