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Beth is confronted by Phoebe and Dave, who have the letter she wrote to Dean. They ask to work with her in exchange for bringing in Rio, promising witness protection if she agrees.

Stan continues to work for Gene, stealing money from local establishments.

Deciding that helping the authorities is the best option, they try to reach the hitman to call off the hit on Rio, but they’re unable to locate him. They met with Troy, the man who set them up with the hitman, and he says he will help find him if they do him a favor.

The ladies round up the supplies Troy asks her, and he tells them that the hitman wants to meet with Beth.

She meets with him, but he refuses to call off the hit.

Stan tries to get out of working for Gene, but he calls the police on him and only steps in to save Stan at the last minute, ensuring Stan’s continued loyalty.

Annie quits her therapy sessions with Dr. Cohen after a breakthrough in her relationship with Ben.

Beth tells Rio that she’s working with the authorities and gives him Dave’s photo. Rio tracks Dave to an abandoned building, but it’s the hitman that Beth had Rio tracking, and Rio kills him.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

You can't make someone like you.

Josh [to Annie]

Sure, whatever. The point is is that if Ben was here, I wouldn't have even had to look it up because he's so much smarter than me. And better than me. And everything in my life is just a lot better whenever he's with me.

Annie [to Josh]