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Beth waits for Rio to show up on drop day, but he stands her up. She worries about him knowing that she is wired by the authorities. Phoebe and Dave assure her that she’s okay, and they have a tracker on his car.

Nancy needs a babysitter for Dakota and Annie volunteers.

Stan lies to Ruby about where he is, not knowing she is at the strip club and knows he’s not there.

Rio surprises Beth at home and makes her strip to confirm she’s not wearing a wire before letting her know that he found the tail on his car.

Mick comes to collect Beth, and the ladies plus Mick accompany her, and she drives around to collect money from companies on Rio’s behalf.

Gene has Stan close the deal with a woman he’s hoping to do business with. Later, Ruby snoops through Stan’s belongings and finds a woman’s purse. When she confronts him, Stan comes clean about working for Gene to pay off his and Ruby’s debt.

After having trouble with one of the businesses, Beth meets up with Rio at a diner to give him the money she collected. He tells her that they can’t lay low because he has people he answers to, and they want to meet her.

Beth uses that leverage to get Dean released from prison.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

You better watch your back.

Rio [to Beth]

Beth: He knows.
Phoebe: He doesn't.
Beth: Yeah, he does.
Dave: He might.
Beth: Seriously?