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Tyler arrives at the jewelry store he works at to see it being robbed by the ladies.

The show flashbacks a few days to Annie trying to sneak out of the apartment but getting caught by Ben. She doesn’t tell him that she’s retaking the GED test.

The ladies meet with Dave and Phoebe and tell them they’re struggling for cash since work with Rio is on pause, but they don’t offer any help.

Rio invites Beth to meet his boss.

The ladies hatch a plan to rob the jewelry store Tyler works out. After Tyler catches them, they get arrested, and Phoebe and Dave are forced to then put them on the payroll after Beth tells them about the upcoming meeting with Rio’s boss.

Beth meets Rio’s boss, who happens to be his grandmother, and the rest of his family at a barbecue. Later, she ditches the wire she’s wearing and has sex with Rio.

Dr. Cohen shows up at Annie’s apartment on the night of his bachelor party and confesses he doesn’t want to get married. The following day, Ben catches them platonically saying goodbye and gets the wrong idea, forcing Annie to come clean about taking the GED, which she finds out she passed.

Stan gets Gene to give him fake bags to sell and offers him a commission based on how many he can sell.

Beth tells Dean about the deal she made to get him released from prison.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Dave: When do you meet the boss?
Beth: Oh, I'm still waiting on my EVite.

Ben: What's in the backpack?
Annie: Mostly tampons.
Ben: Can I see?
Annie: You know what's so weird?
Ben: Guns?
Annie: You didn't go to bed a cop.
Ben: Drugs?
Annie: But you woke up one.
Ben: Body parts?
Annie: Remind me never to get up early again.