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Jamie and Callie try to work out what to do about their conflict of interest. Jamie suggests that Callie step away from the case since she's not working on it and hasn't past the bar yet. He has more to lose since the case has him on the fast-track to partner.

They debate about what to do and what their jobs entail. Callie eventually decides to leave Jamie and go back to the Coterie so they don't have a conflict.

Callie is swamped with the case and all but Theresa apologizes for being so hard on her.

Malika is offered a plea deal. She weighs whether or not to take it and talks to her BLM friends, Callie, and her father. She can go to jail for a month or trial with the possibility of a year.

When she agrees to take the deal, the lawyer tells her she can't protest anymore, so she refuses and says she'll take her chances.

Mariana plans to tell kendra she leaked the information to keep the others from getting fired. She thinks about saying Evan sexually harassed her like amanda did so she can avoid getting fired and protect the others. But she comes to her senses.

Evan apologizes for what he asked her to do, and he agrees to make his company public and answer to shareholders to save Mariana's job. He tells her he can't lose her. Raj sees them talking on the rooftop and looks jealous

Alice plays mind games with Sumi and keeps her from dating Lindsay. ,

Davia has another hard day at school. Andre acts up and she sends him to the principal's office. Later he's roughed up by some probation officers. She tries to look out for him, and he tells her that she's the reason he is in trouble.

When she says something about being color blind he tells her that's the problem. Davia is hurt and frustrated when Malika pokes fun of her accidental cultural appropriation, and she doesn't want to read Malika's book. After the andre incident she does.

Callie returns to the Coterie to move in but Isabella is living with Mariana now.

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Jamie: You can take yourself off the lawsuit.
Callie: Yeah, or you can take yourself off the Anwei account.

I'm going to move back in with Mariana.