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  • Callie attends Tate's funeral and wake. Wilson sees Graham and wants to confront him about selling Tate drugs, but he gets a notification about survelliance. Callie joins him there to see it. 
  • She meets up with Graham later to get more information. He didn't give Tate the drugs. He gives him the name of someone else. 
  • Despite getting slammed at work with Teresa and Marcus and trying to salvage the class action lawsuit when tenants start dropping out, Callie is helping Wilson investigate his son's death. 
  • She goes with him when he finds out the other kid who might have sold Tate drugs. The kid didn't sell them to him either. He tells Wilson that Tate bought drugs offline and he told him not to take them. WIlson attacks the guy for leaving Tate there and accidentally shoves Callie in the process. He breaks down after all of that. 
  • Callie and Wilson head back to the house and she tells him that what he's feeling is what Jamal's mother and the BLM feels too. They talk about politics. 
  • Davia tries to get through to her troubled students. She has them read a book she thinks they can relate to and she performs a dance routine that they seem to enjoy but only post online to ridicule her later. 
  • She's upset and thinks that Dennis and Malika slept together. She talks to Malika and tells her about Dennis' issues, and explains that's why Malika can't drink with Dennis. When Dennis goes to see her again for more drinks, Malika declines and it lets Dennis know that Davia told. 
  • Davia and Dennis argue with one another, and he talks about how she lied to him about Jeff. She wonders why it matters. She finds his painting of Jacob, and she tells him that she can't hold his secrets and cover for him.She encourages him to get help, and he goes to group therapy. 
  • Mariana puts Raj in charge of the app so she can micromanage and the girls aren't happy about it. Raj asserts himself, and Mariana talks it out with the girls. She puts Claire back in charge, but Raj refsuses to leave the app and go back to the guys. 
  • Mariana meets Evan on the rooftop. He isn't mad at her. He's pretending so he can get rid of Kendra in the long run and take control of his company, but he needs Mariana's app to fail in order to do it. She says she'll think about it, but isn't happy. 
  • After talking with her fahter, Malika puts together a dinner for her family and Isaac's family. They make up and she tells him that she loves him. 
  • Jamie tells Callie that the company her office is trying to sue is one he represents. 
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Malika: I mean, If you're treated as intellectually less than from day one why would you believe in yourself or bother trying?
Mariana: Even at MIT some of my professors definitely assumed that the white women in my class were smarter than me.
Malika: Always.
Davia: I don't underestimate my kids. I even took your advice and found a book they could relate to.

Callie: What is that? 
Wilson: Security footage from Tate's building. I just got it. If he's on it he's going to be very sorry he stepped foot in my house.