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Jazmin has a quince to celebrate her birthday and raise money for trans veterans such as herself.

Mariana uses the party to beat test her activism app. Evan is there to see it through.

Gael has dinner with his family to celebrate his grandfather's birthday. They used to celebrate with Jazmin since they shared a birthday, but the family refused to acknowledge Jazmin every time Gael mentions her. His father refuses to give Jazmin her dog tags. He thinks she is dead to him.

Malika talks to her father. He used to be a Black Panther member. She tells Isaac about him.

Mariana's app has a glitch and she and Raj have to fix it.

Joey has an issue with Alice misgendering them.

Malika goes to a meeting and plans to get involved with the actual BLM movement.

Gael's father refuses to give Jazmin her tags and says he only has one child who hasn't brought shame. So Gael comes out and tells his family he's bisexual.

Their abuelo comes to the party and gives Jazmin her tags. He danced with her. Gael gets emotional.

Callie tells Gael she is seeing Jamie again.

Mariana notices the app is doubling the funds and now it says the earned 20 grand when the only earned ten.

Abuelo tells Gael that Jazmin didn't have a choice, but he does. Jazmin realizes Gael came out to their family and that he is disowned too.

Malika's father comes to the Coterie looking for her and says he has been evicted. Dom figures out who he is and gets upset.

Alice and Joey resolve their issues.

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Callie: I've heard so much about you?
Evan: Yeah? From who?
Callie: From Mariana

Gael: Is this how it's always going to be? I mention Jazmin, and everyone gets quiet and changes the subject?
Mrs. Martinez: Déjalo, mijo (leave it, son).