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Mariana thinks about her night with Evan. Callie and Gael share a drink and talk about his painting Jamie bought. Malika does Capoeria with someone who isn't Isaac, and Dennis and Davia make out and possibly have sex.

Dennis asks Davia to go on their official first date. 

Alice is caught in the middle when Mariana sends her to get clothes out of the room and Isabella cries and tells Alice that she's sad Mariana blames her for Raj having feelings for her.

Malika has a meeting about her case and Isaac is worried about her. 

   Mariana finds out that Isabelle may not have been talking about Raj during her confession. Now she feels guilty about sleeping with Evan. 

Kathleen is a new tenant at legal aid. She is taking over. 

The tenants of the class action didn't take the deal so the case will continue. Callie's boss asks her to join it again if she doesn't have a conflict of interest. And asks her about passing the bar. Callie doesn't know if she has a conflict of interest or not because Jamie isn't really talking to her and she doesn't know where they stand even though she has moved back into the coterie. 

   Jamie presses charges against Jerod the homeless man who attacked Callie. Callie confronts him about it. 

Malika gets close with a colleague at her new job... they seem to have some chemistry. 

   Davia gives Isabella the cold shoulder.

Mariana and Raj make up over text. But she goes to see him, a message from Isabella pops up on his IM's asking him if he told Mariana they had sex. 

  Isabelle has moved out when Mariana goes home to confront her.

Malika has an anxiety attack. Finally realizing how real it is that she could go to jail when her work friend has flyers with her name and face saying drop the charges. He reassures her. 

Callie goes to see Jerod in prison. He is bruised up and has beaten by guards. He asks her to be his lawyer but she can't. The guards didn't give him his meds, reacted poorly, then sprayed him and beat him when he accidentally hit one trying to get them off of him.

Gael is worried that he upset Dennis. When Dennis is unreachable and tells Davia who is preparing for her date with him. She goes to grief group, but he isn't there and they say he hasn't been for a while.

Callie talks Kathleen into taking Jerod"s case. Kathleen has already taken a liking to Callie. 

Mariana tells Callie about Evan. Callie tries to work things out with Jamie, but he tells her that because of her actions he may have lost his job after they lost the account. 

Mariana breaks up with Raj and has a secret relationship with Evan.

Callie passes the Bar and is moving back into the house. She also will be working with Kathleen.

Malika has her hearing. They won't drop the charges even though Judge Wilson has, and went to remand her without bail. The judge ruled that her bail was set at $250k and she'll be in jail until she can pay it. They take her away. 

   Davia blames himself for Dennis taking off. He finally contacts her. He'll be staying at a friend's house and he says he can't be with her until he figures how to work through his grief.

Gael is surprised that Isabelle left because it was her he slept with one night. 

Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Malika: This is all getting too real. I'm scared. 
Coworker: Just breathe. It's OK to be scared. This shit is scary, but you have a team.

I'm really sorry for all the things I said to you. You weren't a mistake.