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  • Evan fires Raj publicly and sends the entire office in a frenzy. 
  • It turns out that it's a ruse and that he, Raj, and Mariana know that Alex and Sam have something to do with it. They catch them oncamera admitting it and Alex is mad that Sam set up Raj. They both get fired. 
  • Mariana tells Raj that she has feelings for Evan, but she doesn't want to have them and that she loves him and chooses to be with him.He admits that he has feelings for Isabella, and that he doesn't know what he wants. 
  • Malika invites everyon to a trap heals event. Davia and Dennis are uncomfortable at first. 
  • Dennis gets emotional when they do a prayer and honor those who have were lost to police brutality. It makes him thnk about losing his son and the grief that he experienced, and how it's not something exclusive to just him. 
  • Dennis's therapist tells him that he has to do some homework and thnk about the good times he spent with his son and great experiences. He wants help from Davia. 
  • HE tells her about the night he snapped at Jacob, but as he tlells the story he remembers singing to Jacob a song he wrote for him to put him to sleep. Davia makes him sing it and tells him that he wasn't a bad father for losing his patience once. Dennis cries. 
  • Malika tells all the men in her life to get it together at the event. She wants Isaac to take care of himself and see someone about his anxiety. 
  • Dom and her father speak to each other about their past and make up. 
  • Isaac partakes in some of the things at the event, and he tells Malika that he's going to see someone. 
  • She tells him that the deal fell through and she's going to trial. He reminds her that they'll get through it together. 
  • Callie confronts Jamie about the findings of his contracts. He calls her out on going through his stuff. They hve different opinions about the housing/homeless/mental facility situaton and the aren't letting it go. 
  • Callie shares what Anwei has planned with some activist and it tanks Jamie's case. 
  • She tells him that she's moving out and he agrees that she should. 
  • She goes back to the coterie. 
  • Davia sees that Isabella wrote down that she slept with Raj. She tells Mariana. Mariana wants ISabella to leave, but she refuses to since she signed the lease 
  • Gael seems like he's avoiding Dennis when rally he was coming up with the perfect thing to honor Jacob. He's inspired at trap heals and makes a pixelated computer server. Dennis is grateful and they hug. 
  • Mariana goes to the office. Evan is there. They start making out and it may have led to more. 
  • Dennis goes to Davia's room and tells her that he loves her. They kiss. 
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

Sam, what did you do?


Dennis: Are you sure that we should be here? Because I don't want to insert myself into something that's not meant for me.
Davia: You know white people are uncomfortable in black spaces because we live in a social environment that insulates us from race-based stress. You really need to read White Fragility.