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The teens are all preparing for the SATs and all are very stressed. Serena and Chuck take a break to chat about Georgina, who was sending S mysterious, embarrassing gifts in the previous episode.

Chuck says G is dating some prince in a foreign country, so she's not even in town and there's nothing to worry about. We'll see about that. Serena soon gets the surprise of her life when Georgina shows up at school.

They share an awkward reunion, and Georgina complains that her feelings will be hurt if S doesn't show her a good time.

Speaking of good times, or not good times, Blair has planned an SAT prep party for the girls, much to the dismay of Jenny, who's not invited. J schemes to ascend to greater popularity by getting a boyfriend - and manages to get the phone number of a cute dog walker.

Reluctantly, Serena hangs out with Georgina, going out to get one drink for old times' sake. Of course one drink turns into more than that, and when S answers G's phone and hears it's her drug dealer, she freaks. Serena is so desperate for rescue that she calls Chuck for help, who then calls Dan and explains that S can't meet him for their study date.

The next day, a suspicious Dan (Penn Badgley) tells Chuck (Ed Westwick) to leave Serena alone, convinced that he's the one causing some sort of trouble.

Blair is determined to take down destroy a girl named Nelly Yuki, who is the only other person who wants to get into Yale as badly as she. Blair enlists ger clique to help her with a diabolical plan.

Jenny sees the dog walker on the street again, and soon discovers that he's not a lowly dog walker, but a very preppy student after all.

Meanwhile, Nate (Chace Crawford) meets up with Vanessa after swinging by rehab to visit his dad. V called him after she read one of his SAT practice essays, and she wanted to apologize for being judgmental during an earlier run-in. Vanessa and Nate flirt after going out on the town together and share a passionate kiss on the street.

Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) gives Serena a call and claims that she totally accepts S' clean new lifestyle. G wants to meet up for dinner (NO drinks), and S agrees, even though she has to study. Georgina clearly wears the pants here.

Rufus (Matthew Settle) is not thrilled that J has a date with the dog guy. It doesn't matter how many cute guys she runs into, she's still grounded. J wants to get out of the house to see her new boy toy, but Rufus still refuses to let her.

However, the boy in question, Asher, is undeterred and shows up at her loft with a bag full of hot dogs. Rufus isn't amused at first, but he melts a little bit when Asher charms him with a compliment about being a good father to ground J.

Nelly Yuki is in for a shock at Blair's SAT prep party, which B invited her to because she's so nice - B invited her ex-boyfriend as well!

As for Serena and Georgina, they're sharing a relaxed dinner. G pretends to be on her best behavior, but the instant S leaves the table to make a phone call, she slips a strange liquid into her Diet Coke. When she comes back, G smiles innocently and proposes a toast to the new Serena.

A dazed Serena wakes up the next day with absolutely no memory of what the heck happened the night before. She is late for her SATs, but Georgina refuses to take any blame. S calls Chuck again.

That morning, Nate encourages Vanessa to take her SATs, which she wasn't planning on doing as they don't fit into her career plans. V reluctantly agrees when he shows up at her job and offers her a lift!

Nelly Yuki wasted her entire night getting nowhere with her ex-boyfriend - she's an emotional train wreck, got no sleep, and has no batteries in her calculator (thanks to Blair). Forget Yale, Nelly Yuki!!

Walking out of the SATs, Blair (Leighton Meester) and Dan both see Nate and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) sharing an intimate moment on the street. Awkward to say the least.

Dan goes to see Serena (Blake Lively), only to find her hanging out with Chuck and lying again. Chuck apparently paid someone to take Serena's SATs, which Serena doesn't know about until Dan mentions he observed it at the venue.

Upset, Dan takes off, and Chuck surmises that Georgina must have some juicy dirt on Serena - not because she's lying to Dan but since she won't even tell Chuck what the heck is going on. Later, S goes to visit G and tells her never to contact her again. Ever.

Georgina talks cryptically, mentioning something that Serena walked in on last year. She was part of some huge scandal, apparently, but S won't talk about it.

She says if she's going down, G is going down with her. WTF happened!!?

In the final scene, Georgina just happens to run into Dan and flirts with him a bit. She lies and introduces herself as Sarah. OMG.

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