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Jenny has been spending her nights at the Bass pad, thanks to Eric. As Lily and Bart were out of town, they were unaware Jenny was spending the night. Serena was too preoccupied with Aaron to notice, as well.

Once Rufus finds out that Jenny was staying with Eric, he calls Lily who explains that he needs to calm down and that she will talk to Jenny.

But J isn’t the only one who doesn’t want to be with her family when they carve the turkey. Blair is fed up with Eleanor’s new love, Cyrus, who has moved in and taken over all the Waldorf family traditions himself.

Instead of having her father’s famous pie and a home-cooked meal, Cyrus has planned an evening out at a restaurant. Still, Eleanor is excited about the family starting new traditions and explains that she has a surprise that she plans on revealing during Thanksgiving dinner.

Blair forces Dorota to spill it - Cyrus proposed to Eleanor and will make the announcement at dinner. Fed up, Blair takes to the street with Dorota and plans to rebel by spending Thanksgiving alone ... somewhere.

Serena is not over the “dating-other-people” thing, but during a romantic dinner Aaron tells her that he is officially a “one-woman” guy now.

S is giddy with excitement and says she should have brought champagne to celebrate. Aaron confesses that he's glad she did not - he's sober, and moreover, he needs to be around those who aren’t going to bring him down.

When Serena hears this she puts on an act about how she’s practically an angel and one totally knows that will blow up in her face.

After Eric explains to Bart things aren’t going well with beau Jonathan, Bart says that Eric should ask Jonathan where he was on Friday night.

How would Eric’s stepdad know this? Because he has a PI on retainer, Chuck tells him. Chuck actually lets Eric into Bart’s safe where he finds files containing private information about him, Serena and even Lily.

Meanwhile, Nate’s Dad shows up out of nowhere and asks Nate and his mother to live with him in Dominica. The Captain explains that he's rebuilding a new life and wants them to be a family again.

Nate figures that since all of his friends are mad at him, he might as well take his father up on it. But he ends up running into Vanessa outside of Rufus’ gallery because he wanted to drop off some CDs.

He asks her to give Rufus the CDs and as he leaves, an FBI agent approaches Vanessa and explains that Nate’s dad has a plan to use Nate and his mom to get ransom from Nate’s grandparents who would pay anything to get their daughter and grandson back in the U.S.

Nate is unaware of his father’s scheme, but Vanessa enlists the help of Chuck to stage and intervention and tell him what's going on.

Dan runs into Aaron at the supermarket, he harmlessly suggests that Aaron bring Serena a case of wine instead of cheese he was picking out to take there for Thanksgiving. Aaron explains that Serena doesn’t drink.

Dan scoffs and divulges a little TMI about Serena’s past. Aaron confronts Serena about it as soon as he arrives at her house, but she dodges it, playing the whole thing off as if Dan's lying and jealous.

Lily finds the emancipation papers in Jenny’s bag and invites Rufus over to sort out the whole mess ASAP. Rufus shows up at the Bass residence with Dan and confronts Jenny about the whole situation. He lets her know he loves her and that he is willing to let her go to get her back.

Of course, Jenny storms off again.

Aaron calls Dan a liar, which catches Serena is caught off guard, but Dan sees what happened and then backtracks, telling Aaron he did lie.

When Aaron leaves to go to the Waldorf’s party (he’s Cyrus’ son), Dan and Serena have a heart-to-heart and Dan tells her to be honest with Aaron.

Rufus runs out to find Jenny, and Bart asks Lily why she invited him over in the first place. But Lily thinks Bart's the one with explaining to do.

She confronts him about the files that he’s kept on her and her children and stands up for herself. Bart says he was just trying to protect them, but Lily leaves with Serena and Eric to have Thanksgiving alone.

At the Waldorf gathering, Eleanor has no idea where Blair is. When Serena shows up at the Waldorf’s to see Aaron, Eleanor makes her send a text to Blair.

Serena gives Aaron her file and tells him to read it if he wants to know her past. Eleanor goes to find Blair, who is on the street with Dorota, talking to Jenny.

Blair tells Jenny that she is lucky to have a father that actually cares about her. Blair says that her family doesn’t even care that she’s not there.

But then Eleanor shows up to take Blair home and says she has a surprise for her. Blair says that she will go home only if Jenny does the same.

Eleanor drops Jenny off at the Humprey’s and takes her daughter back to the Waldorfs, where Blair’s father is waiting with a freshly-baked pie.

The whole family, Harold included, celebrates Eleanor’s engagement to Cyrus Rose and Blair finally seems open to starting new traditions.

Aaron finds Serena back in her family’s apartment and says he doesn’t need to read her file. He wants her to be able to talk to him about everything she wants but he doesn’t care about her past.

They kiss.

Nate comes home after hearing about his father’s plan from the FBI, Chuck and Vanessa. He tells his dad that he isn’t going to go with him and that his father should turn himself in.

At first Nate’s father seems like he is going to simply run away again, but he ends up surrendering. Nate’s father is taken away in handcuffs and his mother is crying her eyes out.

Nate thanks C and V for helping him out. Nate explains to Vanessa that he hasn’t talked to Jenny in weeks and asks her to hang out some time. She agrees.

Chuck and Nate go to hang out, while Vanessa heads to the Humprey’s for Thanksgiving, despite her aversion to Jenny. The two old friends make up, tentatively.

But before dinner, Vanessa spots the letter that Nate wrote to Jenny and she ends up opening it, and it reads something along the lines of “I really care about you, but I don’t know what to do.” Hmm.

At a diner, Eric explains that he read Lily’s file and saw that she too was institutionalized just like he was and they bond over it.

Eric says he wants to talk to her about it when she is ready. They decide to go get a real Thanksgiving dinner - by crashing Rufus and Dan's.

Rufus is genuinely happy to see Lily and Eric and begins to prepare dinner. Everyone is happy, but Bart is lurking in his limo outside, having tailed Lily. He tells his PI he wants to know exactly why Lily was hospitalized. 

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Rufus: I miss her a lot.
Dan: You know, in all the arguments you two have had, I haven't once heard you tell her that.
Rufus: Oh my God, you're right.
Dan: That's not ... that rare is it?

Dan: You okay with it? Jenny not being with us tonight?
Rufus: If by okay you mean extraordinarily depressed, then yes.