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On this episode of Gotham...

Jim learns that Barbara left him.

Jim takes Selina to Bruce's home to watch her for the time being after she gets a sketch artist to draw who she saw kill the Waynes.

Jim, Montoya and Allen go to Harvey Dent to discuss the case who proposes spreading a rumor that they have proof of the people connected to the crime.

Harvey even goes so far as to freak out when one doesn't take him seriously.

Jim and Harvey Bullock attempt to hunt down an escaped convict who is blowing things up. He was hired by the Russians who were paid by Fish to get at Carmine.

Oswald tells Liza he knows she's working for Fish.

Bruce and Selina bond at his home.

Arkham is to be opened for the mentally insane for treatment.

Barbara is sleeping with Montoya again.

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