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On this episode of Gotham…

Assassins are sent to kill Selina. She and Bruce escape to Gotham while Alfred holds them off.

Alfred teams up with Jim and Harvey to find them.

After a little persuasion, Alfred convinces Fish to point them in the right direction.

Selina and Bruce meet Ivy.

Selina tries to get her “fence guy” to buy some of the stuff she stole from Bruce’s place. Instead, he throws them in a room for the assassins.

Selina gets away, and Alfred and Harvey show up in time to help.

Jim goes to Lovecraft’s, assuming he sent the assassins, but they come for him and use Jim’s gun to kill him.

The Mayor proclaims that Lovecraft killed himself and in demoting Jim, he sends him to work at Arkham.

Carmine kills one of his men, proclaiming to his group that he needs them to trust him. He questions Oswald’s loyalty.

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Gotham Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Am I the only one in this damn town who waits for backup?


Selina: Why Does Alfred matter so much to you? He's just your butler.
Bruce: He's my family.