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On this episode of Gotham...

A group of bank robbers are given the name the Red Hood Gang after one dons a red mask during the robbery.

The group begins to start taking each other for the red mask.

Jim and Harvey get a lead and during a final stand, take out the remaining members.

A boy picks up the mask and puts it on.

A friend from Alfred's past appears at Wayne Manor.

He stabs Alfred, leaving him for dead.

Wayne Enterprises hired him to find out about what Bruce knows of the company. They plan to get rid of Bruce.

Fish tries to negotiate with the person in charge of the prison. She rips her own eye out when he tries to take them from her.

Butch and Oswald go on a liquer raid and take it from Sal Maroni's men.

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Gotham Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

I need a danish.


As long as someone's willing to put that red hood on, this gang can go on forever.