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On this episode of Gotham…

Barbara stays with the Ogre, but decides she doesn’t want to stay for the morning.

The Ogre reveals his love for her, but holds her captive. He forces her to tell him someone to murder for her.

Jim and Harvey get a lead on the Ogre’s identity, and they arrive at Barbara’s parents’ home. The Ogre has killed the parents.

Jim and the Ogre fight, and the Ogre is shot and killed.

Ed disposes of the abusive officer’s body, and he leaves a note for Kris Kringle.

Oswald sets up a plan to kill Sal Maroni, which fails, but was meant to incite a war between Sal and Carmine.

Bruce investigates his company, but learns his father had secrets. He meets Lucius Fox.

Bruce opens up to Alfred about his friend.

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