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On the season finale of Gotham…

Fish returns to Gotham and recruits Selina just as the turf war between Sal and Carmine is heating up.

Barbara requests trauma therapy with Leslie.

The two discuss her experience with the Ogre, and Barbara continues to bring up Jim. She reveals she kills her parents, and then she tries to kill Leslie.

Leslie knocks her out.

After an attack on Carmine’s life, Jim goes to protect him believing he can keep Gotham together.

Fish captures Carmine, Jim, Harvey and Oswald.

Sal shows up, but after an argument with Fish, she kills him.

More fighting ensues, and Fish manages to escape with Oswald after her.

He kills Fish.

Carmine decides to give up his mafia position and gives Jim a knife from his father.

Edward goes a little crazy getting one step closer to the Riddler.

Bruce discovers a secret entrance in the study of the mansion.

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