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On this episode of Gotham...

Dr. Gerald Crane is picking people with extreme phobias and killing them in the name of his cause. He is taking out their "fear glands."

Harvey, who likes the phobia group's leader, attends a meeting where she is kidnapped.

Jim asks Leslie out on a date and to help with the case.

After Ed is suspended, he sets up the medical examiner by putting body parts in his locker. He is reinstated, and Jim mentions to Leslie a job opening.

Harvey manags to save the group leader, but Gerald gets away.

Sal tests Maroni's loyalty and discovers Oswald was working for Carmine. He tries to have Oswald crushed in a car, but Oswald escapes.

Fish is leaving Gotham, but a mysterious attack on the boat has her ready to face off with an unknown person.

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