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Bruce and Selina are being chased by a goon they stole a bag of money from. Selina drops the bag, and rips her jacket, but Bruce goes back to pick it up. Selina jumps across the rooftops. Bruce throws money down to the street, before jumping too.

Bullock is talking to Nygma about Jim's escape. He's called by Barnes who asks him what he knows about Gordon. Bullock denies knowing anything. Barnes threatens him, but Bullock maintains he knows nothing.

Bullock goes home where Jim is hiding and searching for clues about the frame. The two figure it was a cop who framed him. Jim remembers that IA records all of its anonymous tips and Bullock calls a friend who works in IA. 

Bullock is getting frisky with Jenny, his IA contact, and when Jenny turns her back, Bullock grabs the evidence room keys and gives them to Jim who is hiding in the hallway.

Jim goes to the evidence room and finds the envelope with the tape.

Walking back through the alley, he comes across a robbery and stops it. A cop shows up and recognizes Gordon. Gordon punches him to get away, but the cop gets up and calls for backup.

Penguin and the other Van Dahl's are at Elijah's funeral. Penguin goes up to the casket and talks to his now dead dad. Grace informs him that he is no longer welcome at the house. Penguin begs. Grace agrees to let Penguin be the new butler. She tells him to get rid of the lilies he's holding his hands. She tells Sasha and Charles they'll kill Penguin after a while, but now need to keep him close so he doesn't go to a lawyer.

At Arkham, Barbara is talking in group about her experiences and telling everyone how horrible she feels about all the terrible things she did. Professor Strange is touched, but Ms. Peabody thinks she's faking. Peabody wants to do the Penguin experiments on her, but Strange refuses.

Jim meets Bullock at his car. They listen to the tape, but the voice is disguised. Jim says he'll find someone who can help him. He shows up at Nygma's apartment. Nygma acts like he's frigtened, but Jim assures him he didn't kill anyone.

Penguin just cooked a stew, but Grace doesn't like it and orders Penguin to make a roast the next day. She calls his dinner his "slut mother's goulash." She leaves the room and Charles and Sasha harass Penguin...who is starting to get annoyed with it all.

Nygma is listening to the tape with Jim, but can't make out the voice. Jim tells him to clean it up. He calls the guy who framed him a psychopath and sick. Nygma is offended, because Jim has killed people too, but Jim claims it's in the line of duty. Nygma gives off a vibe that he may know about Galavan and Jim questions him. The tape is done and Nygma says he'll take care of it, but Jim wants to listen too. The sound is a cuckoo clock and Jim puts it together that Nygma was the culprit.

Before Jim can react, Nygma shocks him with a shock box he had under Jim's chair. He drags Jim to his car, but as he opens his trunk Jim gets away. He jumps through a warehouse window, but not before he shoots Jim with his own gun.

Nygma chases him, but no luck. All the while he is talking and admits to Kringle's murder. He is unraveling.

Jim escapes and shows up at Selina's place and promptly passes out. Before he does though, Selina is looking for her jacket. Turns out Bruce sewed up the tear. Selina is touched. There's meaning here.

Penguin is making Grace a drink. She wants cherries in it, but he can't find the cherries, so he looks in a buffet door and finds the decanter with the bourbon that killed his father. He grows suspicious. Grace comes in and gets his drink. When she leaves, he gives the dog a platter of the booze and the dog promptly dies. Penguin has figured it out. He starts laughing. Goodbye Oswald. Hello Penguin.

Gordon is resting at Wayne Manor. Bruce had called Alfred for help. Bruce and Alfred are talking about Bruce's living in the streets when Jim comes in. Alfred makes him breakfast and sends Bruce away. Alfred lays some guilt on him and wants to know how he's going to fix his problem.

Barbara is released from Arkham. Professor Strange is excited about the possibilities.

Jim explains his plan on how to out Nygma. He wants Selina to go to the station to set a trap. She does and Nygma is there to hear it all. She gives the impression that Jim is going to see Penguin to find out where the bodies are. Nygma automatically thinks it's related to Kringle.

Nygma goes to he place where he buried Kringle. Jim shows up. They talk. Nygma accuses him of being a monster as well, that he's being way too judgmental. Nygma admits to everything. What he doesn't know is that Barnes and the GCPD are hiding and have heard everything. They come out and arrest Nygma.

Penguin has made a roast for Grace. She wants to know where the kids are, but Penguin tells her they probably won't be coming. Turns out he cooked Sasha. He tells Grace he knows about the poison. Tells her about Sasha. Then violently kills her. His hair is different and he's wearing the suit his dad tailored for him.

Barnes wants Jim back, but Jim wants to solve the Wayne murders. Bullock gives him Lee's card and says if he calls he'll give him the files he wants.

Bruce is reading in the parlor waiting for Selina when Alfred comes in and tells him Lucius fixed the computer. Bruce is excited, but Alfred manipulates him and tells him if he includes Selina it could be dangerous and does he really want to do that, since his father was hiding things for a reason. When Selina comes in, he tells her he's not going back to the streets. She's hurt, they have words, and she storms off.

Nygma is brought to Arkham.

Selina throws the jacket away that Bruce sewed up for her.

Bruce starts up the computer.

Jim sits in darkness and calls Lee, who answers, but Jim doesn't talk. There is a knock at the door. It's Barbara who's come to say hello.



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