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Bullock and Gordon serve a warrant on Arkham, but Strange shredded all his documents. He tells the officers the search warrant is only to search the office not anywhere else. They leave.

Strange asks Peabody if Azrael has returned. He hasn't.

Nygma leaves Indian HIll and gets back up to the Asylum. He lets a guard take him back to his cell.

Barnes is in the hospital in critical condition.

Penguin is watching a news report on Galavan. He decides to go after him.

At the GCPD, Bullock barks orders then gives a pep talk to the officers.

Gordon tells Bullock they should go talk to Tabitha about Galavan. 

Bruce is looking for Selina and has Alfred stop the car by an alley. Alfred doesn't want him to go, but Bruce convinces him and he leaves.

Tabitha is leaving Butch, but Bullock and Gordon arrive before she goes.

She tells them about her grandfather and the real Azrael. At first they don't believe her, but then the do. She tells them the real Sword of Sin is at her family's crypt in Gotham Cemetery.

Bruce finds Selina on top of the roof where she cares for the doves. He wants her help and convinces her by telling her that Bridgit is one of Strange's experiments. She tells him she has to do it alone.

Jim, Bullock, and Tabitha go to Gotham Cemetery. They break into the grandfather's crypt and find the sword. Azrael arrives. He chases after Jim and throws him out of the crypt. Knocks out Bullock. Tabitha tries to get into his mind and reminds him who he really is. She reminds him about Bruce and the Son of Gotham.

He stabs her, then takes off looking for Bruce.

Selina finds a way into Arkham via a laundry truck.

Gordon gets back into the crypt, calls the cops, and tries to call Alfred to warn him about Galavan.

Cops show up and Gordon takes a car.

Selina is in the walls of Arkham. She gets t o the roof and breaks a vent.

Gordon gets hold of Alfred and tells him what's going on. Bruce is behind Alfred. Alfred tells him what's happening.

Selina goes through the vents and bumps into Nygma. They share information. She tells him how to get out. He tells her how to get into Indian Hill.

Tabitha is in the hospital. Butch is there gushing over her. He wants to tell her he loves her, but the words don't come. Penguin shows up. Penguin wants Butch to help him take down Galavan. Butch agrees.

Alfred calls Jim to tell him Bruce is safe. Jim is on his way.

Alfred and Bruce split up to lock windows and doors. Bruce finds an open window and starts running to warn Alfred.

Alfred is in the study when Azrael shows up.

Guards discover Nygma is gone and sound the alarm. Selina finds the hidden elevator.

Bruce finds Alfred. Azrael and Alfred have a sword fight. Bruce watches. Alfred is kicking butt, but then Azrael throws him out the window.

Azrael starts chasing after Bruce.

Gordon is stuck behind a slow moving truck.

Selina is in Indian HIll and starts looking for Bridgit.

Strange and Peabody talk about Azreal. Selina overhears everything. Indian Hill inmates are being moved.

Selina sees Clayface being moved.

Bruce hides in the garage. Azrael comes looking for him. Bruce surprises him by flooring one of the cars. He crashes into Azrael, but then he disappears.

He gets out of the car looking for Azrael because he can't believe the guy isn't dead. Azrael is behind him, but before he can attack Jim shows up and shoots him. It looks like Azrael is down, but he's not. 

Alfred shows up and the three of them are talking by the car when Azrael gets up. 

Penguin shows up with Butch and uses a handheld rocket launcher to blow Azrael to smithereens.

Nygma gets out of the vents to the roof, but is met by guards and dogs.

Selina finds Bridgit's room, but Bridgit is not Bridgit. She's now Firefly. Selina can't break through to her. Peabody and Strange watch as Selina is trapped and Bridgit starts sets her firewand towards Selina.

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Gotham Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

You stink, Strange. This whole damn place stinks.


Bad guys come in. Monsters come out.