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Selina is trying to talk to Firefly while Peabody and Strange leave the viewing area. Selina knocks Firefly out.

Bruce is looking for Selina on the roof, but she doesn't show up.

Bullock is giving a press conference as the acting captain, a job which is ready to give up to the next person who wants it.

Jim talks to Bullock about stopping Strange, but Bullock tells Jim his hands are tied.

Bruce goes to the GCPD to tell Jim about Selina.

The white haired Court of Owls lady calls someone about Strange.

Strange reanimates Basil who has a stretchy face.

Peabody warns Strange to slow down, because he's reanimating too fast.

Alfred is upset that Bruce got Selina into trouble. Lucius is there as is Jim. They create a plan on how to break Selina out. Alfred is injured from his run in with Galavan, so he will have to stay behind.

Strange is working on Mooney. He combined her DNA with a cuttlefish and wants the tech to zap her at 200%.

Nygma is chained with a toothy guy who wants to eat him as punishment for trying to escape. He tells Peabody he will work with Strange to do something about Gordon if they get him away from the toothy guy.

Mooney wakes up and remembers who she is, which is new since many of the other subjects don't have a memory.

Strange decides to let Nygma help them. He gets a call that Bruce Wayne is waiting for him. Strange greets him and Lucius outside. Bruce asks for a tour. Strange agrees to give Lucius a tour and Bruce will meet with him in his office.

Jim gets into Arkham by being a fake security guard.

Peabody gives the tour to Lucious. He has a geiger trying to find radioactivity to help him figure out where the secret door to Indian Hill is. Then he'll mark the door for Jim.

Strange and Bruce are chatting about his father. Strange tells Bruce he needs to back off or he'll end up like his dad. When Bruce refuses guards take him. Guards also get Lucius and Jim. They knew their plan all along.

Selina is trying to break out when Firefly wakes up. She's going to turn Selina to toast, but Selina convinces her that a goddess needs a servant and so Selina becomes Firefly's servant.

Strange is watching his new prisoners, Lucius and Bruce. The white haired lady calls up Strange and tells him he's veering off the plan, but Strange assures her he's not. She wants him to move the subjects from Indian Hill and destroy the lab.

Jim is taken to another room. They put a metal hat on him and fill it with solution. When it's done doing whatever it's doing, it's taken off him and he sees Basil across from him. 

A guard brings Fish some food, but she wants a grilled cheese sandwich and grabs his arm when he puts the food through the slot. Something funky happens. He comes back later with a grilled cheese sandwich. She realizes her hands have some sort of power.

Alfred goes to Bullock about the trio at Arkham. Something's wrong, so Bullock gathers his cops and heads over to there.

Nygma is in an observation booth and wants to know what Lucius and Bruce know about the lab. If they don't tell him all they know, they will be poisoned.

The tech puts the metal hat that was on Jim on Basil. The hat is taken off and Basil has taken the face and mannerisms of Jim Gordon. 


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