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The Riddler and Penguin are locked in cages. Riddler questions whether Penguin is real and slaps him. They both threaten each other.

At Wayne Manor Selina breaks in and tries to kill Bruce 2. Bruce and Selina fight. Alfred stops the fight. Selina tells him he's fake Bruce before Bruce 2 knocks her out with fireplace poker. After Selina is knocked out Alfred and Bruce go at it. There is a headbutting contest before Bruce 2 knocks him out too. 

Lee is having a nightmare that Mario is live and he slits his wrists, pouring blood into a wine glass, forcing her to drink it.

Jim and Bullock talk about Kathryn and a building she owns. Apparently there's a secret room and they leave to check it out. They find the secret room and a secret door. Inside there is a crystal owl like the one Bruce and Selina stole. They touch it and a map shows up on the wall. Then Barnes comes in wearing a mechanized suit and super strong. He knocks Bullock and Jim out. 

Alfred questions Selina about what Bruce 2 told her about the secret weapon. He wants her to help him find the real Bruce. She doesn't want to. He's very angry. 

The cops show up at the secret building. Bullock is alive, but Barnes has taken Bruce.

Penguin is sharpening a tool. He makes Riddler crazy by calling him Edward. They argue some more and talk about the revenge they'll take out on each other.  Nygma uses a poisonous dart on Penguin. Riddler has a key and tries to escape but Penguin makes lots of noise and the guards come in and beat up Nygma while Penguin watches before passing out.

The Shaman works his magic on Bruce again. He wants to take away Bruce's pain from the night of his parents' murder. Shaman wants Bruce to give up his mother's pearls and lock them away in the safe in his mind. He can't do it. Shaman tells Bruce he's going to tell him the truth.

Jim is tied up in chains in a room. Kathryn is there with Barnes watching. She knows everything. She wants to know who else he's spoken to about the Court. Barnes puts his ax back on as Kathryn leaves and tells Barnes he can do as he wishes. The "trial" has begun with Barnes as judge, jury and executioner.

Lee visits Jervis Tetch and he greets her with a goofy rhyme. She wants to know why he infected Mario and not her. He explains it because he wanted her to hate Jim.

Penguin wakes up to see Nygma back in his cage. Nygma talks about the attack coming. Penguin proposes that he and Nygma work together to escape. They set some ground rules and agree.

Shaman shows Bruce his truth by sharing a memory of Shaman's involvement in The Court. Shaman kills the guy who killed Bruce's parents. 

Barnes confronts Jim and tells him his sentence is death by beheading. Jim tries to talk reason to Barnes. It doesn't work but Jim is able to dealy a bit more by asking for his badge. Silly Barnes agrees and Jim pulls a pin out of one of Barne's bomb which he throws out the window. Then Bullock and cops enter, saving Jim. 

Kathryn is being brought in to the station. Alfred tells Bullock and Jim about Bruce. They share information about The Court. Alfred shares information about Bruce and Bruce 2. Alfred tells them about the owl. Jim wants to try to put the owl together to see if it works. 

Nygma and Penguin work together and escape.

Kathryin is brought into the interrogation room. Jim asks questions about the bomb and Bruce. Kathryn denies she is the leader of the Court.

Alfred brings the Owl in. It's in bad shape. Bullock tells him Jim is questioning Kathryn. He goes charging in and stabs Kathryn in the hand.

Barnes shows up at the station and releases a smoke bomb. 

Jim and Bullock hear noises and Bullock investigates. He runs back in and tells them what's going on. They try to escape but Barnes comes at them full force. alfred tries shooting him, but Barnes kknocks him out. Kathryn demands Barnes take her out and he beheads her.

Barnes is about to behead Jim when he blows Barnes ax arm off.

Penguin and Nygma get out of the building. They confront each other and challenge each other but they go their separate ways.Lee

Lee comes to the station and tells Jim she's done with Gotham.  Bullock tells Jim the guy he got to put the owl together is almost done. Jim tells Bullock that there's someone above Kathryn.

Shaman tells Bruce he needs to put the pearls in the safe so that he can make the Court pay for what they did to his parents. He finally puts the pearls in and closes the safe. When he comes out of the hypnosis, he tells Shaman he feels nothing about his parents murder.

Shaman tells Bruce about Talons and what they do and how The Court have control over them. And how he now has control over Bruce.

The owl gets put back together and they display the map. Someone comes out and they learn the virus is gone. Jim suspects Lee. She's at home with the virus and infects herself with it. WTF.






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Gotham Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

You are difficult to kill. More cockroach than Penguin.

The Riddler

In shooting me, you gave me something to live for -- Revenge.

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