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Jervis takes a bride and groom hostage.

Penguin is having breakfast at his mansion. He's in a really good mood. He's going to tell Ed how he feels. He loves Nygma. 

Valerie is having breakfast with Jim at a diner. She wants to meet with Lee for an interview to discuss Alice Tetch's blood. Jim doesn't want to do it. She leaves. She has to go to work. A strange guy shows up with a message from Jervis Tetch. He gives him a riddle to follow.

Jim follows the guy to a telephone. Jim answers the phone. It's Jervis. The bride and groom are sitting on top of a bridge while a little boy is standing in the middle of teh street. He has to pic one. He can't save both. He goes to save the child. Meanwhile, the bride and groom fall to their deaths. Oh my.

The phone is ringing again. Jim goes to answer. He's not happy. Jervis is blaming Jim for it. He gives Jim and address to meet him at in five minutes.

Lee is having breakfast with Mario. Falcone wants to have an engagement party. Lee is hesitant, then agrees. 

Nygma is working. He directs his secretary to leave a bomb outside someone's house. Penguin shows up. Nygma can't find Butch. He feels he let him down. Penguin gushes. Penguin wants to say he loves him, but doesn't. He changes the subject.

Bullock and friends are at the scene. The boy told Bullock Gordon saved his life. Bullock notices Barnes doesn't have his cane. They notice the White Rabbit across the street. They figure out he was hypnotized by Tetch.

Jim arrives at the place he was called to. There's pics of him on a bulletin board. A phone on the table rings. He tells Jim to look through the lens. Tetch is mocking him about marriages. Jim fights back, taunting him about Alice.

Tetch kidnaps Valerie. Jim tries to run after to save her. He's too late.

Tabitha tells Babs she's got Butch in a safehouse when Jim shows up. He wants to know where Tetch is, but Jim has no patience. Jim and Tabitha pull guns. Tetch wanted to know things about him. Jim tries to call Lee, but Jervis picks up the phone. He's got both Lee and Valerie in a van.

Barnes is questioning The White Rabbit. he gets really pissed off and and has tremendous strength. Oh boy. Bullock comes in and says they've found Jim. 

Jim is at a power plant looking for Tetch. There's a television screen setup with a message for him. There are two guys tied up that Jim has to choose which one dies and which one lives. Jim has to kill one or they both will die. Bullock and Barnes shows up.  Jim doesn't choose and they both die.

Penguin is visiting a school with Nygma. He doesn't like kids. He sees a boy sitting by himself and goes to him. He gives the boy a word of advice that's horrible. Penguin wants to tell him how he feels and asks Nygma to dinner. Nygma says he'll pick up a bottle of wine.

Back at the power plant, Barnes is asking questions of Jim.  A guy is tying up Valerie and Lee in Lee's apartment. The girls talk. Lee is looking for something to unlock their chains.

Barnes tells the GCPD to go on the hunt for Tettch to save Valerie and Lee. Jim talks to the White Rabbit and he tells him where to go. Jim doesn't say anything to anyone. Mario comes charging in and confronts him. He takes Mario with him. Valerie is asking Lee a bunch of questions about why she moved back to Gotham.

Jervis walks in and has them go to the dining room. Jim shows up. Val and Lee are sitting at a table with Jervis. Jervis invites him to sit down.  Jim asks for tea. Jervis tells Jim a story. Mario shows up at the apartment.  Jervis tells Jim he's going to have to decide between Lee and Valerie. Mario fails and is taking to the bathroom. Jim throws Alice back in Jervis' face. It upsets Jervis.

Jim tells Jervis to shoot Lee. jervis shoots Vale, then leaves. Lee calls an ambulance. Mario takes care of Vale.

Penguin is at his dinner practicing what he's going to say to Nygma. Nygma is looking at wine when a Ms. Kringle look-a-like starts talking to him. OMG. The girl is a riddler, just like him. He's entranced.

Bullock talks to Jim. Jim tells Bullock that Jervis won. Lee goes to talk to Lee, but she doesn't want to hear it.



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