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Jim is at the hospital visiting Vale. She figures out he wanted to save Lee instead of her and ends their relationship.

Jervis is at a store looking for herbs or something to add to Alice's blood when he sees a psychotropic drug called Red Queen. He blows some of it into the guys face and takes off.

Nygma talking with Isabella when he realizes he blew off Penguin's dinner. He and Isabella almost kiss. Penguin is at the mansion calling the police to file a missing person's report when Nygma shows up apologizing. He tells Penguin about Isabella.

Jervis and the Tweed brothers steal Alice's body from the city morgue.

Bruce is preparing dinner and dessert for Selina. Alfred is worried she won't show up, but Bruce isn't.

Barnes and the GCPD are at the morgue investigating the theft of Alice's body when Jim shows up. Barnes doesn't want him around and Bullock warns him as well.

Nygma is helping Penguin get dressed for the Founder's dinner and they talk about Isabella, Nygma professing his love for a woman he just met. Penguin is aggravated, but you can see the gears in his mind churning.

Bullock finds out that the morgue's guard may be involved so Barnes sends him to get the guard. Lucius gives Barnes more information about Alice's blood.

Jervis is draining Alice's blood and adds something to it.

Lee is telling Mario her version of what happened. Mario wants Lee to stay away from Jim. Jim shows up at the hospital and talks to Lee, but she walks away from him when he tells her he didn't try to save her. She thinks he's lying.

Penguin shows up at the library where Isabella works and tells her some damning information about Nygma, namely that Nygma was in Arkham. Isabella shows a little surprise, as expected.

Tetch shows up at the hospital. Jim chases after him. He ends up in a lower level hospital floor and Jervis blows some of the Red Queen in his face. he falls down and starts his trip.

Penguin shows up at the Founder's dinner. Tetch bumps into him.

Jim is in an elevator. Barbara is the operator who will take Jim to three different places on his trip. The first stop he runs into Bruce who reminds him of the massacre at the station with Jerome. He also remembers his time at war where he apparently walked away and left people behind. Bruce pushes him over the guardrail.

Back at the station Barnes and Bullock are interrogating the guard. Barnes gets a little crazy with the guy before Bullock calms him down. They figure out Tetch is targeting the Founder's Dinner.

Tetch is putting drops of blood into glasses of wine.

Barbara takes Jim to his next floor which is a 1950s scene. He's married to Lee with two kids. It's normal and perfect. Then he's yanked away.

Bruce is sitting at the table waiting for Selina, but she stood him up. Just as Alfred is about to put the food away, Selina shows up. Bruce is a little angry, but then relents. 

Penguin is talking to Catherine from the Court of Owls who tells him she'll contact him when they need him. Penguin thinks its odd as she walks away. He sits down at the table and is asking someone about her when Tetch and his henchmen barge in with guns. He's going to force them to drink the wine, but the GCPD show up.

Barnes takes down Jervis and goes a little crazy. Tetch recognizes it and laughs like a madman.

Jim is on the final floor of his hallucination. He meets with his dad. Meanwhile, in the real world he's been found and Mario is attending to him.

Jim complains to his dad that he's not worthy of the Gordon name...that he has too much darkness in him. His dad disagrees and tells him he needs to follow the Gordon code and that it can be found on his ring.

Jim comes out of his mind trip. Mario turns his head and has a bandaid on the back of his neck, which is odd. Why are they showing that?

Nygma is telling Isabella about everything, including killing Kristen. Isabella is quite understanding and gushes over him. They start to kiss right when Penguin comes in yelling about what happened at the Founder's dinner. Seeing them stops him cold and he excuses himself. After he leaves, they continue to kiss.

Jim finds his dad's ring and reads the code: "While we breathe, we shall defend."

He goes into Barnes office and asks to rejoin the GCPD. Barnes agrees. Tells him Tetch and Tweeds are at Arkham.

Catherine is sitting with a shadow man talking about Penguin. He's wearing the same ring Jim's dad had.

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

You love Lee, which means we're done.


Jim: How do you feel?
Vale: Like a bullet went through my insides.