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Alice is at the GCPD being questioned by Bullock while Jim is listening outside.

Jervis is at an amusement park. He's hypnotized the owner. He wants the park to present to Alice as a gift when he gets her out of the GCPD. He kills the owner.

At Penguin campaign headquarters, Butch is paying people off while Nygma watches.

Jim is being reamed by Barnes while Lee is taking blood from Alice and talking to her about her blood.

Jim is walking when he hears something that sounds like a stopwatch and is immediately entranced, hears Jervis' voice and almost walks into the path of a truck.

Bruce and Alfred are discussing Five while Five is walking with Selina. She goes into a bar, causes a fight, and then goes into the backroom to steal money. She gets caught and is tied up.

Penguin is holding a press conference. Nygma learns that Butch is paying people off to vote for Penguin. Butch sends a guy to follow Nygma.

Jim visits Barbara to see if she has any information on Jervis. She tells him he went looking for muscle.

Jervis visits the Tweed brothers at a wrestling ring and makes them an offer. He wants them to break Alice out of the GCPD.

Selina is about to get her fingers cut off when Five shows up and beats up her captors. They take off.

Jim shows up at Barnes' office wanting to talk to Alice. Barnes lets him.

Five and Selina are in the alley, he's lightheaded from using his powers, and finally Selina figures out he's not Bruce.

Nygma tells Penguin about Butch paying people off, but Penguin already knows. Nygma thinks he can win the election without paying people off, but when a little girl comes up and tells Penguin she loves him and then asks for money, he changes his mind and is mad at Nygma.

Jim meets with Alice while Barnes watches. She explains about the blood and how it brings out the worst in people.

Tweed brothers show up at the GCPD and take Alice, but Jervis runs into Jim and almost causes him to shoots himself, but Barnes knocks Jim out.

Selina is sttiching up Five as they talk about where he came from. He kisses Selina.

Jim wakes up in Lee's office. They talk. She wants an apology, he tells her the past is the pat. Barnes put him on 48 suicide watch.

Butch makes a promise to a bunch of goons when he gets a call.

Bullock interrogates a Tweed brother and is told where they took Alice.

At the amusement park, Jervis sets a table for tea. Alice has changed into a blue dress. He's going to take blood from her.

JIm is rescued by Bullock and they head over to the amusement park.

Bruce and Alfred find Five who jumps off a roof and leaves.

Jervis tells Jim is he lets him and Alice go, he'll release the spell he has on him, but Jim fights it and breaks the spell himself. A gun battles ensues and Alice falls backwards to her death.

Butch tells Penguin Nygma took all the money back from the election judges, and Penguin is about to kill him but learns he won the election fair and square. He names him his new Chief of Staff. Butch is not happy.

The Court of Owls pick up Five.

A drop of Alice's blood falls on Barnes.

Jim tells Lee he's happy for her.

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Gotham Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

If it weren't for you, I'd still be falling asleep to the screams of the insane.


I'm not a monster, but if you want to see one, wait until my brother comes for me.