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Penguin is greeted by a choir when he enters his office.
Penguin's guy ells him that a bunch of his workers fled to The Haven -- the new digs that Jim put together.
The Street Demons attack Penguin and he learns that someone is trying to start a gang war in his name.  Penguin's guy is not happy with him.
Selina is in the hospital still and having nightmares. She somehow finds an all-black outfit and escapes -- as Catwoman. 
Jim and Bullock take a walk through The Haven. Bullock is concerned about Jim that he hasn't slept enough over the last few months.
A fight breaks out and Jim gives a speech about what the Haven is.
Selina is checking out the patients at the hospital. She's on the hunt for information about Jeremiah.
The two learn that Jeremiah is in the dark zone where everyone is insane.
Penguin learns that Mr. Pen and his entire staff including the guards and the dog defected to The Haven. The only person Penguin has is the Street Demon guy he took prisoner.
He's on his way to Haven and Jim and Bullock head back to Haven. 
Bruce and Selina are in the dark zone. They get accosted and the two of them fight them off.
Jim and Bullock get to The Haven and orders everyone inside when the Street Demons show up.
Selina goes craze and nearly kills a guy before Bruce stops him. She's got gloves of claws.
Jim and the GCPD surrender to Penguin.
Bruce and Selina find a Church of Jeremiah and Selina goes to meet him as Bruce stays behind.
Penguin puts Jim in jail.
The Street Demon guy kills Mr. Pen in front of Penguin. As he dies, he tells Penguin that everyone hated him.
The Street Demon guy puts Penguin in jail.
Bullock goes looking for Barbara to try to get her help to save Jim.
Barbara wasn't going to help until she learns that Penguin is involved.
The little boy gets a key to Jim. Penguin hides it under his show and Jim tries to convince Penguin to work together to take back Haven.
Bruce goes looking for Selina and finds a bunch of dead followers.
The group of follwers including Selina are taken to a place where they have to shoot a bullet in the head of the person ahead of them. Whoever survives gets to meet Jeremiah.
Bruce hears the guns go off. A few die, but not everyone.
The crazy jester confronts Selina and plays Russian roulette with herself -- harkens back to Jerome's games with Galavan.
Selina fights the crazy jester. The jester gets away. Selina chains Bruce to the elevator so she can go after Jeremiah her way.
Jim surprises everyone as he and Penguin take back the Haven. Everyone chants Penguin and sees him as the savior. Those who turned go back to Penguin.
Jim recruits the little kid who slipped him the key to be his deputy and eyes and ears of the facility.
Jim lets Oswald go just as Bullock and Barbara show up. Jim prevents Barbara from shooting PEnguin as a bomb goes off at the Haven, killing almost everyone.
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Gotham Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Bruce: Jeremiah shot you to get to me. I can't lose you.
Selina: I'm not yours to lose.

As long as we survive, hope survives in Gotham.