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Beaver starts his day with a wake up call from his mom. He chats with employees on campus and steps on Rusty’s wire model. He fails his book report and is looking for a new one from the service they buy their papers from. Casey and Beaver set out to track down the guy who sells the class material, leading them around campus and ending up at a strip club.

Catherine tags along because she needs to have some fun so she doesn’t have a breakdown. Heath is a stripper at the club, as well as the person who sells the papers. Catherine and Beaver hook up.

Rusty and Dana work to get the model ready for a presentation while bickering and blaming each other. Dana steps over the line, taking too much credit for Rusty’s liking and trying to boss him around. They argue during the presentation causing them to lose the case. Rusty and Dana break up and Ashleigh is there to help Rusty get through it.

Rebecca is hosting ZBZ Pledge Presents and is upset because Evan can’t make it. She invites Cappie to be her date to piss of Evan. He shows up causing a fist fight between him and Cappie and pissing Rebecca off.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Can you believe they almost shut down the Glee club? Again!


I am the star of my own life. I deserve to be center stage.


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Quiet hearts Quiet Hearts Amy Stroup iTunes
Genius of fun Genius of Fun Love Grenades iTunes