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Casey wakes up in bed with Cappie. After having a conversation with Catherine about her and Beaver, Casey heads to see Cappie and find out if they were protected when together the previous night. After realizing they weren’t, she goes to the pharmacy to get the morning after pill.

Cappie comes by ZBZ to apologize for panicking about the situation. Casey complains that she always has to push him and be the adult. Rusty tells Casey Cappie has picked a major. Cappie sets up the ZBZ yard as “Cappieland,” a place where Casey can be a kid again. Case is in awe and they kiss.

Rusty is recovering from the Homecoming party and realizes he can’t remember anything. Calvin and Rusty go on a mission to put the clues together, including finding the girl who left lipstick on his face. While drunk, Rusty went to the lab and lost his wire. He finds it in a dumpster on Greek Row.

Ashleigh stayed at Rusty’s after her fight with Casey. She runs into Professor Simon Segal who asks her out. Rusty comes home after piecing together most of his night. He doesn’t realize that it was Ashleigh he kissed the night before. Ash leaves for her date with Simon.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Thanks to that goat, I made out with a cheerleader. She's a base in the pyramid, but still a solid 7.

Pledge Spidey

I now shall commence my walk of shame.