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The attendings watch as the new interns are brought in, and Richard gives the same speech he once gave to them.

Meanwhile, there are flashbacks to the first season. Edwards gets her own interns, and leads them around the hospital. Richard is still interim chief, and Owen admits she doesn’t want the job back. Catherine prepares for her wedding day, and Jackson is there to be her maid of honor.

Catherine asks Jackson if everything is okay between him and April. A catastrophe hits Seattle with a tunnel collapse, interrupting the wedding preparations for Richard and Catherine. Richard tells Bailey he wants her to be the next chief of surgery. Meredith, Maggie, Amelia, and April head to the scene to help a patient at the tunnel.

Meanwhile, Owen has an idea to buy a patient some time, but it is experimental. He only needs two other doctors to give consent, and Jackson and Catherine both disagree. Alex and Richard, however, give their consent. The patient’s friends research the technique, then tell Jo that it’s never been tried on humans. Catherine and Richard argue over who should be in charge of making that call.

Back at the site of the tunnel, the doctors realize they can’t save the trapped man. The interns at the hospital talk about it while caring for the woman who is having his baby. One of the interns loosens her collar to help her breath, which causes paralysis.

Also, the doctor who arrived to the hospital acting like he knew what he was doing turns out to be an intern as well. Amelia goes off on Meredith about deciding to let people go, obviously referring to Derek. Later, Amelia finally confronts Meredith.

When she leaves, Meredith finally breaks down into tears for just a moment.

Jackson tells Owen April is different now, and they aren’t on the same page anymore.

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