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Owen explains a case that he's brought to Callie of a soldier with a large tumor that will require the total amputation of his left leg -- she plans to use his leg bone to rebuild his pelvis, and move his right leg to the center of his body. The surgery gets moved up due to the patient sustaining an injury. On the way there, Bailey tells Meredith that another doctor at the hospital has been asking about her, and the rest of the team (Jo, Callie, and Avery) join in urging her to give the guy a chance. At the VA facility, the patient's surgeon doesn't take the SG team's appearance well, and Callie's bravado gets the better of her. After Maggie once again hides her relationship with DeLuca, he asks that they go public. She's not very receptive to the idea. A team of cheerleaders is brought into the ER. Karev's patient has extremely high blood pressure and is extremely stressed. Miranda and the team go over the surgery with the patient -- the VA surgeon, Thorpe, argues against it strongly, but the SG team wins him over. A VA resident flirts with Avery, much to Jo's amusement. Penny and Stephanie struggle with the cheerleader's attitudes. Ben gets sent up for a consult to the psych department. Amelia gives Maxine a nuero exam and orders a head CT. In psych, Ben finds the patient in distress, and he doesn't think there's time to get him to the OR. But there's nothing sharp to cut with because it's the psych ward. The SG team tries to center themselves and find confidence before going into surgery. Arizona is shocked that Karev knows about the baby before Jackson, and Webber almost finds out when he overhears them. They are interrupted by intern Spencer trying to gather supplies for Ben. Up in psych, Ben uses a clip board to slice into the patients abdomen, much to everyone's surprise and horror. Ben gets his hands onto the aorta, and asks Webber to get them an OR. The SG team runs into some problems at the VA, and Callie shows some signs of losing her confidence. Maggie and Amelia discuss their relationships with one another, and Karev interrupts and tells Maggie that she needs to grow up. The VA resident continues to flirt with Avery during the surgery. Callie and Jo tease him about it. Alex admonishes Maxine that she needs to not let her self get so stressed. When they get back to the ER, the rest of the squad is fighting, and the stress causes Maxine to go into arrest. Webber chews Ben out for his actions in the psych ward. Maxine worries about the other girls thinking she's sick when Maggie identifies her as having WPW syndrome and that she'll be kicked off the squad. Callie runs into trouble when not enough of the patient's bone is usable, and starts to doubt herself. Thorpe flirts with Meredith, and Callie asks her for a private moment in the hallway. Back at SG, Stephanie talks to the cheer squad about Maxine, but things devolve into petty fights. Maggie and Karev talk about the similarities and differences between high school and their lives now. Callie freaks out to the rest of the attendings, they're not exactly helpful. Thorpe goes off about how the SG team won't be around for the hard parts when Meredith tries to assure him that the surgery is going well. DeLuca sits by awkwardly as Penny and Stephanie bitch about the special treatment given to those who get involved with attendings while they watch Ben and Webber's surgery. The girls recognize that they're not acting any better than the cheerleaders, which gives Stephanie an idea on how to deal with them. In the OR, Richard starts to take Ben to task, but Ben stands up for himself. Meredith goes back out to Callie, and tries to help her through the problem that they're facing. Back in the ER, Stephanie goes cheer captain on the high schoolers. They don't respond at first, but she impresses them. Just as the patient starts to bottom out, and Thorpe accuses them of being unprepared, Callie comes in with a revamped plan of attack. The surgery ends up going well, and Thorpe is impressed. They all express amazement at themselves as they leave surgery, and Bailey finds multiple calls about Ben on her phone. Karev is impressed with Stephanie's control over the cheerleaders when she brings them up to visit Maxine. Bailey chews Ben out for his behavior, and suspends him for three days. But she can't help but be impressed on a personal level. When Riggs sees that Maggie is still at the hospital the next morning, he offers to push their joint surgery back so she can get some rest. At first she agrees, but when she sees Andrew, she announces (awkwardly) that she can't do it that evening because she has a date with DeLuca. Andrew seems less than thrilled with her publicizing their relationship after all. Thorpe flirts with Meredith, but she misinterprets at first. After Jackson points it out to her, and she gives it a moment of thought, she goes back and gives him her number. 

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 13 Quotes

Callie: Everything's going to be fine, you guys. We just have to be squirrels about this.
Jackson: Couldn't have heard you correctly there.
Callie: Oh, you know, squirrels -- they store nuts for the winter, right? But they don't do it all at once. They do it one nut at a time. Everyone has their part to play, so everyone just needs to handle their own nut. We do that, we get all the nuts.

Ben: I actually loved high school.
Stephanie: I bet. Everybody loved high school in the 50s.