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Alex brings Andrew to the hospital after beating him up. Ben notices Alex's hands and realizes he's involved. Jo calls Meredith in a panic. She and Richard go to see her, and she cries about Alex. Meredith goes to the hospital knowing he hurt Andrew. Meredith tells him she should report him, but tells him he should use the story that he hurt his hand by falling in the rain. Richard tries talking to Jo, but Jo leaves to find Alex. When Ben asks Alex about his hand, Alex tells him the rain story, but Ben isn't buying it. Maggie is distraught over Andrew's condition. Jo comes to the hospital, and Alex snaps at her thinking she was drunkenly hooking up with Andrew. Seeing Andrew's dire condition, Jackson gets to work on him. Ben and Meredith talk about Alex. Stephanie finds Jo packing up, ready to leave Seattle. She tells her what really happened. Stephanie tells Meredith which leads Meredith to tell Alex, and she urges him to come forward and tell Miranda what happened. Richard stops Jo from leaving.

Andrew wakes up and Jo is there to apologize. Andrew realizes she's only there so he'll protect her secret. Alex comes in and Andrew freaks out. Meredith goes to Miranda and tells her what Alex did. They go to find him, and see he has turned himself him to the police. Maggie is disappointed in Meredith for keeping Alex's secret as long as she did. Meredith talks with Maggie about trust. Maggie tells her not to lie to her again. Nathan, who Meredith has been trying to distance herself from, shows up at Meredith house saying there is something more between them, but Meredith tells him she doesn't feel the same way (in order to do the right thing by Maggie). Meredith shows up at the jail to see Alex. She tells him he did the right thing by turning himself in.

Elsewhere in the episode, April wakes up to find Catherine holding the baby. She tells her the baby's name is Harriet. April and Catherine argue about what Harriet's last name will be. Turns out April and Jackson already agreed to hyphenate their last names. 

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1 Quotes

April: Her name is Harriet.
Catherine: Harriet?
April: Um-hmm
Catherine: Oh, I like it. Tubman.
April: Exactly. Tubman, also The Spy, which is a very good book.

Richard: You drank too much. You screwed up, and now everything is crashing down around you.
Jo: Just go.
Richard: Well you came to the right guy because I have done it more than you ever will, and I can tell you from experience, with a little coffee and sunlight, the troubles will get smaller and the world will keep standing. I promise.