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April heads to talk to Jackson only to find Arizona has already spilled the beans. At first Jackson thought Karev spilled the beans about his date, and then she just spits out the secret. DeLuca and Webber wait in the lobby for Maggie, who cancels due to a surgery. They both then beg out. Maggie interrupts Meredith and Thorpe with news of a big transplant. Jackson starts questioning April when she gets paged to the ER and reluctantly leaves. Owen and Maggie flirt in the hallways, and he invites her to dinner the next night. Alex explains the transplant surgery to the girl and her parents. Maggie and Alex discuss if Mer will actually go through with the date. April goes off on Arizona when she tries to apologize, telling her to go to hell. Riggs chews April out in the elevator about what he overheard. They bring in a patient, Tess, from the helipad with her partner. Maggie and Jo go over the details of the transplant, and DeLuca stops by. Maggie invites him to join the surgery but he bows out when he thinks she's doing it because they're dating. Meredith does jumping jacks to wake up in the bathroom, which Callie thinks is strange. Meredith talks to Callie about going out with Thorpe, and Callie reassures her, continuing after Meredith leaves. Bailey walks in and overhears bizarrely out of context comments. April's patient starts to tank as her parents arrive. They reprimand her boyfriend for taking her up a mountain. Alex gives everyone a pep talk before they start. Maggie and Alex continue to bother Mer about her date, Mer passes off to Jo, Steph brings up the ring, and so it goes until Meredith brings the mommy voice. Riggs and Owen bicker in the OR, and April tries to get them to knock it off. Maggie tells Mer to take some "me" time and then she and Alex argue about the best way to handle Mer. Meredith shaves her legs on the toilet in the attendings bathroom, and Amelia helps with finding her some clothes. Arizona and Callie talk about some plans for Sofia, and then Arizona asks for advice about the April/Jackson situation. Callie doesn't agree that she was in the right, and tells her she screwed up. Jackson calls into April's surgery and she puts him off. The patient becomes non-reactive, they declare her brain dead, and leave Penny to finish the surgery on her own. Jackson approaches April outside of the OR. Their fight gets out of control, and Webber intervenes. Jackson says that he's done and walks away. Meredith gets ready for her date, and then goes back into surgery. When Maggie pushes her, Mer sends Jo to cancel the date. Owen finds April in an empty OR and comforts her and congratulates her on the baby. Arizona goes to Bailey looking for reassurance and advice.  Bailey takes her task for breaking privacy and tells her that she can't offer any advice. Webber talks to Jackson about the baby situation, which Jackson doesn't take well at first. Owen, April, and Riggs break the news to Tess' family. The mother is insistent that she'll get better. The boyfriend insists that Tess wouldn't want this. Meredith starts on her portion of the transplant and Alex talks to Meredith about Thorpe, putting him down so she'll defend him. He reassures her about dating after Derek. Owen and Tess' boyfriend talk outside her room while her parents go over brochures for care facilities. Owen and Riggs finally have it out over Owen's sister. Amelia and Arizona talk about what Arizona can do going forward. DeLuca elects to stay at the hospital instead of going with Maggie.  He tells her he doesn't want any special treatment or favors. They part on awkward terms. Meredith finds Thorpe sitting in the waiting room. He offers to drive her home since she's not safe to drive. Maggie arrives at Owen's trailer with lobsters, only to find him unprepared and drunk. She leaves, ignoring his objections. Jackson shows up at April's apartment and apologizes. She tries to explain her reasoning on waiting to tell him, and apologizes. It goes badly when he accuses her of waiting until it was too late for an abortion. Meredith and Thorpe sit in his car outside her house, eating fast food and talking surgery. 


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 15 Quotes

April [to Arizona]: I believe in this stuff, so understand how much I mean it when I tell you: Go to hell.

Owen: I live in a trailer.
Amelia: Yeah, that's something we can talk about.
Owen: You don't like my trailer?
Amelia: No, sure, I also like grown-up houses.