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After Meredith's second date with Thorpe ends in a sleepover, she wakes up the next morning screaming for  him to leave. When she eventually calms down, she goes on a house cleaning frenzy, alarming Maggie and Amelia. Maggie tries to distract her by talking about Amelia's problems with Owen and her own problems with Andrew. Eventually Alex shows up, concerned that Thorpe may have hurt Mer. The thorough house cleaning reveals an old blanket of Derek's, leading to Meredith ceasing all activity to go and sit in front of the fire wrapped in said blanket. She ends up telling Derek that she thought she was ready, but she just isn't. Not for it to mean something. Thorpe stops by at the end of the evening and she explains things to him, saying that she's not as ready as she'd like to be. He tells her he'll wait, and that they can slow things down.

Amelia has been avoiding Owen and sleeping at Meredith's house (without Mer's knowledge). Owen keeps trying to get information out of Stephanie about what's going on with her. After talking with Ben, who encourages him to apologize, and with Stephanie, he heads over to the house. He apologizes and tries to explain to Amelia, but she tells him that she can't trust him right now, and that his behavior isn't good for her sobriety. She's not sure that they can be together right now...or ever.

After Maggie talks to Amelia, Meredith, and Alex about Andrew's recently subdued behavior, she heads to the hospital to confront him. He's just thrown his two cents into a conversation between Penny and Jo about the power dynamics of dating an attending when she pulls him out to an on call room. She confronts him, and he admits that he can't handle their relationship and the scrutiny he feels they're under. She dumps him and tells him to get out.

Penny has told Callie that she loves her, receiving only a "thank you" in response. When Sofia is brought into the ER the next day while both Arizona and Callie are busy, Penny treats her personally. Callie is upset when she finds out, but blames her reaction on Arizona not being ready for Sofia to meet Penny. When Penny then apologizes to Arizona, the cat is out of the bag that Callie fibbed. Callie has felt the same way about Penny, but was nervous based on her past and because of the added responsibility of Sofia. After some guidance from Bailey, Callie introduces Sofia and Penny properly, and they all go out for ice cream.

Catherine Avery is back in town, to Richard's delight and Jackson's dismay. He asks his mother to stay away from April, who is also doing her best to avoid her ex-mother-in-law. Catherine manages to track April down and they have what seems to be a very warm heart to heart conversation about the baby. April even goes up to Jackson and suggests that they try and find a calm, private time to talk again. But Catherine later reveals to Jackson that she was pumping April for information and that she got all she needed for them to take her to court for fraud. 

Arizona is still struggling with the fallout of her decision to spill the beans to Jackson.

The only medical case of the episode is focused mainly on a (smaller) young woman who dislocated both legs while having sex with a tall, well endowed man. He is very gallant and gentlemanly and concerned about her, and she is more than willing to share all the details. Callie ends up reducing both legs at the same time after the patient maxes out on pain medication, but multiple complications ensue. Eventually, the girl is fine and in recovery, but when her beau comes to visit, she makes it clear that she never wants to see him again.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 16 Quotes

Riggs [about Catherine]: Come on, she can't be that bad.
April: No, she's worse than bad. She can be terrifying. Like a...hurricane. When she hits, you do not want to be in her wake.
Riggs: Well, you can't avoid her forever, not when she's about to become Hurricane Granny.

Jackson [about Catherine]: Yeah, I'm sure that trip's a complete coincidence, right? Nothing to do with me, or her, or -- I don't know -- anything you might have mentioned?
Richard: Um, my wife and I don't have any secrets between us, Jackson.