Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 15 Review: I Am Not Waiting Anymore

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Thank god somebody found the funny again. 

Sure, there was a lot of high drama. But there was finally some levity to break up the gloom and doom on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 15. Everyone can appreciate a good bathroom joke now and again, right?

Triple Organ Transplant - Grey's Anatomy

Despite all the pressure Meredith was feeling, this was by far the lightest of the plots. The hilarity of Maggie and Alex bickering like children overcame any objections I had to this relationship moving at a glacial speed. Seriously, watching Meredith go back and forth for three episodes now has been like having teeth drawn.

What I like about this angle (besides Meredith's mommy voice coming out and the general antics) was that it really highlighted Alex. In addition to making me sit up and notice how much he's matured, it was also interesting to see Maggie kind of put in her place by him.

Since Maggie moved in, she's become the one we see with Mer more than others, and I enjoyed how Alex put her in her place in his very Alex way. She may be Mer's biological sister, but despite what she said, she doesn't really know Meredith. Not the way Alex does. 

Alex: Don't make a big deal out of this. It's a big enough deal as it is.
Maggie: I know it is.
Alex: You got to make her feel like she has an escape hatch or she's gonna run for the hills.
Maggie: Yeah, she will, if you don't shut your dumb mouth.
Alex: You're...dumb.

I mean, sure, I wish Alex had really had his own plot line since he's mostly been doling out advice to others lately, but I'll take this guru!Alex. He's better than no Alex, or god forbid, moping-about-Jo Alex.

While Meredith was running around trying to decide if she'd go on a date with a drop dead gorgeous man, Arizona was running around the hospital trying to find absolution. And failing horribly.

Now that we know exactly what happened, I feel a smidgen bad for Arizona. I mean, she wasn't intending to spill the beans. Still, it was a little disappointing how long it took being in the wrong to sink in for her. Many of you must have been thrilled about Bailey's set down, but I thought April really had the most impactful response.

April [to Arizona]: I believe in this stuff, so understand how much I mean it when I tell you: Go to hell.

Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams hit it out of the park again with both the fight at the hospital and the one at his their her apartment. I really liked the way the news spread organically through the staff. It was more realistic and we didn't have to sit through buttinski reactions like Riggs' a hundred times over.

The scene that touched me the most was definitely when Owen found April in the empty OR. Outside of getting a fuller explanation of her behavior (though still not to the right person!), Owen was the first person to actually congratulate her and be happy for her. 

I have no shame admitting that I reached for the tissues. 

Owen: April, you're having a baby.
April: Yeah.
Owen: It's not screwed up. It''s a miracle.

You've got to think that April must remind Owen in part of Megan. They've developed a close working relationship over the years, and they legitimately looked like they could be siblings when he was hugging her and wiping her tears. I'd really love to see more of them together outside of the hospital, or just talking about non-medical issues. 

Too bad Jackson's reaction wasn't as nice. I really had high hopes when he showed up at the apartment that they might be able to work things out, but he had to go and pick the fight. It's definitely time for some more counseling. Well, it's always time for more counseling on Grey's, but these two just moved to the front of the line. Again. 

God, the attendings need their own dedicated shrink. Maybe more. 

Owen: I live in a trailer.
Amelia: Yeah, that's something we can talk about.
Owen: You don't like my trailer?
Amelia: No, sure, I also like grown-up houses.

On the upside, it looks like Catherine Avery is going to swoop into town and sort out some of this nonsense. After she sorts out her son and April, maybe she can tackle some of the other nonsense playing out on "When It Hurts So Bad," airing March 31st. Like Amelia worrying that Owen has a drinking problem because he had four beers one night. 

It looks like Alex will once again be on Meredith duty when she freaks out after a night with Thorpe. Maggie's over-protective over-reaction is sure to escalate things, so his level-headed sarcastic advice will be needed. Besides, Maggie has her own romance to worry about. 

You can watch Grey's Anatomy online if you've missed anything, and then we'd love for you to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Dark and twisty or bright and shiny, we want to hear them all!

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I Am Not Waiting Anymore Review

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 15 Quotes

April [to Arizona]: I believe in this stuff, so understand how much I mean it when I tell you: Go to hell.

Owen: I live in a trailer.
Amelia: Yeah, that's something we can talk about.
Owen: You don't like my trailer?
Amelia: No, sure, I also like grown-up houses.