Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Spring Cleaning

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Meredith went on a freak out-induced cleaning run on Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 16 that would have made Jolie Kerr proud.

But it was the emotional cleansing that had fan hearts aflutter. Throw in some raunchy stories (plus one terrifying injury) and we had the recipe for an amazing episode. 

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Kelly Thompson and Elizabeth Harlow discuss the highs and lows of "When It Hurts So Bad." Where do you stand on their very hot takes?

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Would you have dumped Chris? Or would you have tried climbing Everest one more time?

Stacy: Honestly, I probably would have dumped him too. That looked extremely painful and I can't blame her for not wanting to risk that again. If she were in love with him, it might be different, and I'm sure there's something in Kinsey's research that could help, but since they weren't that serious yet, I think she made the right call.

Kelly: I agree, I would have dumped him too. It was their first date, she really doesn't owe him anything.

Elizabeth: While I don't think she owed him anything, but she could have been a little bit kinder about it. "No one climbs Everest twice." seemed a little cruel. Poor Chris is a nice guy, I can only hope there's some lady out there ready to reach that summit again and again.

Was Meredith's decision to back off of dating understandable or disappointing?

Stacy: Hey, she got back on the horse. She took a chance and then realized she wasn't quite ready, and there's nothing wrong with that. She'll get there eventually, and maybe the hot doctor will still be waiting.

Kelly: A little bit of both. Understandable because of exactly what Stacy said: Meredith tried but found out she wasn't ready. Disappointing because the reaction was a little much for me. Realizing she wasn't ready to sleep with someone is one thing, having a complete freak out and making everyone think the hot doctor hurt her is another. But I think this is one step towards Meredith fully dating someone this season.

Elizabeth: I agree that she shouldn't do anything she isn't ready for, and that it was a huge step for her to even try. But I'm more than a little frustrated that there was so much build up for so little payoff. The writers really drew out her decision unnecessarily.

What were your reactions to the various breakups?

Stacy: Amelia and Owen's was more emotional, and it was good to see Amelia realize that she needs to focus on herself right now. They actually really cared about each other. I don't think Maggie and DeLuca were ever that invested in each other, and neither was the audience.

Kelly: I don't care about either break up. Amelia did what was right for her and Owen is super annoying so I wanted them to end episodes ago. Owen never works through any of his issues and just expects people to know that he is a good guy when he has done nothing to earn or prove that. Amelia deserves better. I never thought Maggie and DeLuca would turn into anything so it was just a matter of time for them to end.

Elizabeth: I had absolutely no investment in DeLuca and Maggie beyond the fact that I was happy that Maggie was getting a little sumpin' sumpin'. As for Amelia and Owen, it really wasn't the time for her to be starting (or escalating) a relationship. But I do see how they could be so good together. Still, they've been dancing around this thing for a couple of seasons name, and its frustrating that nothing ever changes. I can't decide if I want this to be the end of things or if it should be the catalyst to finally get them together for real.

Are you feeling more invested in Penny/Callie now that Sofia's met her? Had that even crossed your mind as something that needed to happen?

Stacy: I'm not really invested in them, but it was weird to see them in love when we've barely even seen them as a couple. I'm still hoping Callie and Arizona will get back together someday. As for Penny meeting Sofia, no, that never crossed my mind.

Kelly: Penny meeting Sofia never crossed my mine. No parent on this show ever talks about their kids other than saying the sitter is watching them, so I almost forgot Sofia existed. I was already kind of invested in Penny and Callie but it would be nice to see them together more. The Callie/Arizona time seems to be really over, so here's hoping we see both Callie and Arizona in relationships.

Elizabeth: Yes, the magically invisible children of Grey's are certainly a problem! I hadn't really considered Penny meeting Sofia – honestly, I forget that Penny and Callie are a couple half of the time because we never see them together romantically. Stacy, I understand wanting Arizona and Callie back together, but it does seem that ship has sailed. I just want them to find a way to make their unique little family work and have everyone happy.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Stacy: Definitely Ben's "how did you happen?" line about the half German Shepherd/ half Chihuahua puppy. I literally laughed out loud at that one

Kelly: When Penny went to apologize to Arizona about treating Sofia. It would have just been a standard, boring scene but Jo made it hilarious. Her whispering, "What did you do?" and informing Penny that Callie obviously lied to her was great. Jo has been useless lately so maybe making her the comic relief will put some life into the character.

Elizabeth: There were so many great scenes in this episode, it was really hard to choose. Both of the scenes you guys chose were in my top five, but I'd round out the top three with Stephanie's (almost) sex story in the OR and Owen's horror at her talking about that. Not only was the story itself funny, but the fact that Owen's reaction was so out of the norm for Grey's made it all the funnier.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 16 Quotes

Riggs [about Catherine]: Come on, she can't be that bad.
April: No, she's worse than bad. She can be terrifying. Like a...hurricane. When she hits, you do not want to be in her wake.
Riggs: Well, you can't avoid her forever, not when she's about to become Hurricane Granny.

Jackson [about Catherine]: Yeah, I'm sure that trip's a complete coincidence, right? Nothing to do with me, or her, or -- I don't know -- anything you might have mentioned?
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